iPhone 6s plus screen replacement

We repair and replace faulty parts of Apple iPhone 6s Plus and reinstate it to fully working order. Our highly trained technicians will inspect your Apple iPhone 6s Plus and fix it with a high-quality, pre-tested replacement parts.

You can select the fault of your Apple iPhone 6s Plus to get it repaired. if you are not sure what is the fault of your phone you can select the diagnose service.

Our Mobile Repair Lab is equipped with up-to-date tools and technology. Our experienced and trained technicians will diagnose the correct fault before using Original / grade A parts to restore your device back to full working order.

Our repairs come with a 12-months warranty. In the unlikely event that your repaired Apple iPhone 6s Plus breaks again within the first 12-months after repair, we’ll repair or replace it free of charge.

We have a no fix, no fee policy. If we’re unable to repair your Apple iPhone 6s Plus we’ll return it and fully refund the cost of the repair.

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MobileRepairs4u has a number of skilled technicians who have undergone intensive training, and they make sure that every device is handled with the best care while it will be repaired quickly and correctly. We offer our service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The repairs are booked online and they can be paid for online. The postage is free and the repairs are given a one year warranty. To find out more about our service, read our terms and conditions section.
We at mobilerepairs4u.co.uk are proud of the service we offer in an efficient and speedy manner. Many repairs we do are completed within 24 hours to 48 hours after receiving the device. However, some delays may take place if complications arise while working on your device or if there are additional parts that are required. There are repairs like liquid damage that may take even longer. When there is any delay, you are able to track the order and you will be informed of what it is going on.
Make sure that you put it in a protective package to avoid further damages.
We recommend that you make a backup of the phone data and reset the device to the original factory settings. This is to make sure that your data has been protected. It also helps us in testing your device after working on it without having to compromise your privacy. Also remember to remove the passwords and pins since it can slow down the repair process when there is a need to get the passcode.
The device you sent is going to be returned to you free of charge, and it will be packaged in a box that has been designed specifically for this purpose. You are able to track the order as the phone is being transported. The free delivery is applicable only to mainland UK, Ireland and Channel Island. Some other places may incur some additional charges.
You will be able to book for your repairs online and your phone will be delivered to you after the repairs. Some of our repairs come with a warranty after the repairs.
Most of our repairs come with a 12 month warranty, and to find out more about it, visit our Terms and Conditions to get more information.
When you have chosen the repair that has to be done and you have paid for it, you will get a confirmation email that will include a unique label for free postage. You will print it out and place it on the package to be sent to us for repair. Then go to any nearest post office to send it. There is also option you can visit our repair center and bring your phone for repair.
At mobilerepairs4u we accept payment from major debit and credit cards and PayPal.
The payment has to be made before the repair starts, and it should be completed during the booking process.
We offer detailed diagnostic service. You can choose it as an option from the selection menu and enter the device you own.
Yes, you are able to do this; you will have to check the tracking options found in your account of our website.
Yes, we do. You can make a walk-in appointment for your repair. You can check contact details on contact us page.
If you are not able to locate the email, you should check your junk and spam folders or look again through the emails you received recently in your inbox. If you still do not see it, you need to request that the email be resent.
If you are not happy, you should contact customer care or call the provided number so that you can talk about the problem and explain why you are not happy to our customer care staff.

Booking A Repair

Phones Fixed Fast by MobileRepairs4U

• We offer free postage labels, or, if you’re local to our London office, you can drop it in.

• Our qualified engineers will repair your device using best quality parts.

• We’ll return your phone to you using Royal Mail Tracked service at no extra cost.


Whatever is the issue with your mobile phone or tablet, MobileRepairs4U have got your back.  We guarantee a fast turnaround service as well as free postage and return delivery with a warranty of 12-months on many repairs.  We also sell a large number of refurbished devices, accessories and cases in our store.  Whatever you need for your mobile phone, MobileRepairs4U is the place to go. Check out the following comprehensive customer guide on how you can use our service.

Book Your Repair

View the various repair options we offer on our website and select the repair you need. You’ll also find a list of the different devices we can repair as well as an option to search for the repair or device you need help with.

When you click on one of the repair services we offer, you will find information about that specific repair, including relevant FAQs, customer reviews and additional information about the repair.  Once you’ve found what you need, click on ‘add repair’ and the service will be added to your basket.

After you’ve paid for your repair, you will be emailed a free printable postage label, which will allow you to send the device to us at no extra cost.

If you’re local to our London office, you’re welcome to drop off and collect your device yourself, making for an even faster service.

Fixing Your Device

Our Mobile Repair Lab is equipped with up-to-the-minute tools and technology. Our experienced and trained technicians will diagnose the correct fault before using Original / grade A parts to restore your device back to full working order.

Fast, Tracked Returns

We offer free Royal Mail Tracked returns as standard.

When you book your repair via our website, you’ll have the option of paying an additional fee for a Next Day Return.

If you’re local to our London office, you’re welcome to drop off and collect your device yourself, making for an even faster service.

You may also choose to use your own courier, arranging the shipping yourself.

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Walk In Service

Timing: 9 AM - 5 PM


MobileRepairs4U - A Trusted Repair Specialist for iPhone 6s Plus

Have you damaged your iPhone 6s plus’s screen in some way, or is there some other issue that your iPhone is facing? Do not fret. MobileRepairs4U is a company that will stress about this for you. An iPhone is a precious phone that you definitely will want to be repaired by trusted experts.


We Only Have Professionals

If you are looking for someone to fix your iPhone who is a professional then you will be glad to know that MobileRepairs4U only have professional experts who specialize in the field of fixing iPhone’s. It is always better to get your precious iPhone fixed from an expert.


Issues We Deal With

If your iPhone’s screen is broken, we are the experts to do business with. We are also involved in fixing complex technical problems. These pop up on any phone. Do you need glass/digitizer replacement, headphone socket repair, speaker repair, charging port solutions, buttons fixing, or even battery replacement? These are some problems that we deal with on top of others. Therefore, simply contact us if you have any issue with your iPhone 6s Plus.

We offer hardware solutions along with most software solutions. From fixing a malfunction present in your iOS to installing an application that you want, our experts are ready and willing to help you solve your problem. You do not need to worry about how to install, delete, retrieve, and also update software, as our experts will do this for you. They are here to make sure your iPhone 6s plus is working once again.


iPhone 6s Plus Screen Replacement and Repair Solutions

You may be thinking that a cracked screen is a huge issue that cannot be fixed? iPhone 6s screen repair is not something that cannot be dealt with. When your iPhone 6s Plus’s screen cracked or broke you may have thought that now you will need to spend money on getting a new phone. This does not have to be true.

It is sometimes tough having to change a phone especially if you love your old one and enjoy using it. MobileRepairs4U specializes in iPhone 6s Plus screen replacement. We have professional technicians and engineers whose aim is to make you happy by repairing any problem that your iPhone 6s Plus has.


Contact Us Right Now

A few simple clicks can result in you booking your iPhone 6s Plus repair. This can be done whilst you are at home or at work.

Mobile Cases

Accessories and Cases

Whether it is wireless headphones and speakers, a stylish case, gaming toys, additional cables or one of the many other accessories for your Apple iPhone 6s Plus, we sell them all. Browse our shop to take a look at all the accessories we have in stock, to add to your Phone. If you are not sure which accessories would be best for your new phone, give our customer services a quick call and they can help you.

Customer Feedback

Best Customer Feedback

We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service, and our mission is to serve every single customer, to the best of our ability. Both our highly trained specialist Apple iPhone 6s Plus engineers and our customer service personnel are here to help you. Want to check how good we are? Then take a look at our five-star customer reviews.



All our Apple iPhone 6s Plus Repairs come with a one year warranty on the repairs we have carried out. If you have any issues with your phone when we have returned it to you please contact us and we will organize for the phone to be returned to us.

If you want the reassurance of the excellent mobile repairs service we provide please take a look at the reviews some of our previous customers have left.

Cost effective

Cost Affective Apple iPhone 6s Plus Repair

Need your Apple iPhone 6s Plus fixed fast and you are looking for a good quality cost effective repair? At MobileRepairs4U we can help. We offer high quality and speedy repair service throughout the UK. All of our engineers are highly trained and have years of experience in mobile repairs. In our repair centre, we have all the latest technology to enable us to diagnose the fault with your Apple iPhone 6s Plus. We only use Original/Grade A parts to repair faulty Phones. Because we are so confident in our repairs service we offer a one year warranty on any repairs we carry out.


Quick Fix

Best Quality & Quick Fix

We pride ourselves in the high level of service, we provide and the speed of repairs we offer. With over 10 years in the mobile industry, we believe we have the knowledge and experience to support our customers through the purchase of a new Apple iPhone 6s Plus or repair of a broken one.

From a phone arriving in our workshop to being fixed and dispatched back to you, is on average between 24 and 48 hours.

Customer Feedback

MobileRepairs4u Customer Support

Got a question about our Mobile Repair service, then give us a call on the number at the top of this page or send us an email. We will discuss our Apple iPhone 6s Plus service with you and try and ascertain what the fault is with your Apple iPhone 6s Plus so you can estimate the cost of the repairs.