When your phone drops into water, you need mobile water damage repair immediately. There are a lot of tips on the internet about smartphone repair in case of water damage, but some of the tips can do more harm than good. Here’s a step-by-step guide to fix a water damaged phone.

1. Don’t Switch On your Phone or Try to Charge it

If you do decide to try to power on your phone, your phone will be in worse shape than it was at the start. The first step in mobile water damage repair is making sure your phone doesn’t short circuit. If it does, the electrical components will be worthless.

2. Remove All Removable PartsDry ur phone

You want to get as many parts away from the water as quickly as possible. Pat your phone dry with a towel then remove all removable parts. This will allow you to repair smartphone components piece by piece.

3. Dry Your Phone Thoroughly

The next step to fix a water damaged phone is to dry your phone. The most common mistake people make is using a hair dryer or similar device. The problem with things like hair dryers is they add heat to the phone and push water further into the electrical components you are trying to dry. To repair your smartphone, you need to get the water out. That is why using something like a handheld vacuum is the best option for mobile water damage repair. It sucks the water out of the phone.

Rice4. Draw Out Moisture with Rice

Most people think if they dry their phone and throw it in some rice for a day it will dry out. But this is the final step to fix a water damaged phone, not the only step. After you have dried out your phone, place it in a bag filled with rice. You want to make sure the phone is completely surrounded by rice in order to repair your smartphone. You also cannot rush mobile water damage repair. You should let your phone sit in rice for three days before trying to turn it on.

Guarantee to fix your water damaged phone

While these tips do not 100% guarantee to fix your water damaged phone, they will give you the best chance for mobile water damage repair in case of a disaster. Smartphone repair can be simple; you just need to stay calm and be patient. If you do, your phone will be working again in no time!