Don’t let the hunters victimize you through malware attacks and breach your iOS and Android smartphone security. Since Android is the most used OS, proneness to hidden malware is increased by manifolds. Third-party installation is the biggest cause of such attacks since the annexed malware to bogus apps is really a threat to smartphone security. A mechanical disturbance in battery resulting in reduced battery life may also become evident demanding for iPhone 6 screen repair or Samsung battery replacement after such attacks. Try to avoid Samsung battery replacement and other software/hardware issues from non-reputed local Samsung or iPhone repairing shops in London, UK as much as possible. Always verify the source prior downloading any app; also keep the malware attacks at bay by installing most effective Anti-virus for Android smartphones. We are providing here a list of trusted antiviruses for iOS and Android smartphone security; however, we also recommend to completely knowing the product before installing any antivirus.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free for smartphones

This antivirus can be run on the go which means that no further configuration is required after installation. Massively renowned in the iOS and Android smartphone security circle this antivirus is really space friendly. Unlike other apps and antivirus, it does not route on its own thereby spares system resources, but that clearly means that either you need to run scans manually or regularly schedule them.

ios and android smartphone security bitdefender antivirus

AVL Smartphone anti-virus

Awarded for optimum iOS and Android smartphone security, AVL has been a champion of the previous AV-Test. Besides prime motive as a database antivirus, the product possesses striking feature of scanner that can simply identify any sort of executable file invading your smartphones.

Anti- phishing trait i.e. inhibiting infected websites to start loading at its own and call blocking feature to prevent obnoxious calls are the major highlights of AVL.

ios and android smartphone security avl antivirus

McAfee Security & Power Booster for smartphones

Known as one of the finest PC antiviruses for ages this product is equally remarkable for iOS and Android smartphone security. On exploring this you will come to know that the product is enriched with an antivirus scanner, tracking device option as well as remote wiping and locking facility. Interestingly this app can even capture thief snap, additionally, automatic app scanning helps in locking the apps that are found to be leaking confidential information. McAfee Security & Power Booster gives you peace of mind providing utmost iOS and Android smartphone security by blocking access to possibly malware websites and blacklisting intolerable numbers.

ios and android smartphone security mcafee anti virus

Avast Antivirus & Security for smartphones

Characterized by the amazing features of a firewall, call blocker and remote wiping to prevent data and information loss in case of the gone device, has provided ‘Avast Antivirus & Security’ a substantial edge when it comes to the best iOS and Android smartphone security. All this is done via an app created by Avast Antivirus. App locking via PIN number has put the stressed users at ease, malware for sensitive information like online banking and transactions can be largely addressed with the help of this Antivirus. Think out of the box and explore Avast antivirus since it has much more than an ordinary scanner. You can enjoy the app free of any charges, yet you need to pay monthly or annual charges to eliminate the popping ads. No worries if paying bucks haunt you, just bear few ads.

ios and android smartphone security avast antivirus

Sophos Free Antivirus & Security for smartphones

Winning the best AV-Test award in 2015 for unbeatable protection ‘Sophos Free Antivirus & Security’ is another reliable antivirus in iOS and Android smartphone security spec. Without running any ads the app simply fences the malicious content. Sophos not only thoroughly validate the maliciousness of any app or content by scanning it but also intimate you in the case of information leakage. As per your discretion, you can schedule file scanning with regular intervals while database scanning is automatically done on daily basis.

Loaded with authenticator generating single secret code for two-factor authentication and QR code scanner are the other catches of this antivirus to make your iOS and Android smartphone security unbeatable.

Avira Antivirus Security for smartphones

Go for this product if you want external storage on SD card to be scanned along with all downloaded stuff on phone’s memory for better iOS and Android smartphone security. A privacy scale is employed while rating applications based on risk factor and how much reliance can be placed in with respect to your data.

You will be surprised to know about the integrated ‘’Identity Safeguard’’ feature thereby constantly scanning your contact list and figuring out if any email address in trying to intervene your privacy, involving in data breaches. You can employ single control for operating multiple Android devices since web-management portal is used to regulate the app.

Subscribing to the Premium version will not only cost you charges but also provide improved and enhanced support, frequent updates and programmed blocking of malevolent websites to improve your iOS and Android smartphone security and protect your Samsung or iPhone screen LCD and battery.