The phone was running low on battery, you didn’t have to time to charge it, it shut down on its own. Till now there is nothing new to this story. But once you try to charge it back up, it simply won’t turn on. You are going to panic, we know that. Anyone would be worried especially when they think that they might have to get iPhone 6 Battery Replacement done to get back their phone.

Spending another few dollars on getting a new battery for iPhone 6, is going to be upsetting. However, if there is always more than one solution to a problem. Your phone does not want to start up despite you pressing the power button as many times as your phone, the screen still stays blank. Don’t worry, few simple, yet effective workaround may help you resolve the problem and in the end, save you from getting an iPhone 6 Battery Replacement done.

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Might Not Be the Solution For a Crashed iOS

One of the main reasons behind an iPhone not getting right back up is that your phone’s iOS has crashed. Where you might be thinking about hardware solutions such as getting a new battery for iPhone 6, the solution may lie with a software. If that is the case, no matter how many times you get iPhone 6 Battery Replacement done, you will be back to square one. You should reach out to a good someone professional and ask them to recover your iOS. It is not a difficult thing to do and you will have your phone back in no time without getting iPhone 6 Battery Replacement.

iphone 6 battery replacement

Let Your Phone Charge to Prevent iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

When your phone is constantly on low power and it gets turned off every time due to low power, this does affect the battery life of your phone. Also, the battery has some reserve battery for keeping the clock and other systems of the phone alive. Forcing the phone to shut down everything due to low battery might consume the reserved battery and it might take longer than usual to charge up and thus to get turned on.

Leave your phone on charging for about 25 minutes, if nothing works perhaps then you can think on the terms of getting iPhone 6 Battery Replacement. There is a possibility that the charger might be the fault, we suggest that you try charging your phone using a different charger, try different sockets as well. If nothing work, try charging your phone with a USB Port connected to your computer. If this fails as well, we believe you need to call in the professionals and do as they recommend may it be getting a new battery for iPhone 6.

Force Reboot To Prevent iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

Hold the Power button along with the Home button of your iPhone 6 to forcibly reboot the device. This is the perfect solution in many cases. Try doing this before you get on getting iPhone 6 Screen replacement done. Many people have said that they were able to revive their phone after a force reboot. If this has worked for many, it might work for you as well.

Avoid iPhone 6 Battery Replacement By Checking The Display

See if the screen is the real trouble and not the battery. Doing this will help you avoid getting iPhone 6 Battery Replacement done. What you have to do is connect your phone to the computer via data cable. If iTunes recognizes the phone, there is a possibility that it is the screen that is troublesome. Nonetheless, you need to make a backup of your phone right away in order to avoid losing your data. As this might be a serious hardware problem and you might not get another chance of creating a backup of your phone.

When your phone shows up on iTunes try doing a hard reset via iTunes. There is a big possibility that doing this might turn your phone back on. Also, if the phone is showing on iTunes, it means there is something wrong with the screen and you might not have to get a new battery for iPhone 6. If you see an error message and iTunes require you to reset your phone, you should not hesitate. Do it right away, as this might bring your phone back to life.

If nothing seems to work till now, you should check out the repair options listed below. As you might have to pay for a new iPhone 6 battery. We know you must be devastated, but it is better to pay for a new iPhone 6 battery than an entirely new iPhone 6.

Repair Options for iPhone 6 Battery Replacement

At this point we are sure that the phone is not going to turn on, it may be because of the battery or the screen. If you have a warranty, you need to reach out to Apple Store right away and get your phone tested. If it is the battery get iPhone 6 Battery Replacement done, if it is the screen, get it’s screen repaired.

If you are out of warranty, you need to reach out to Mobilerepairs4u. They are the best people in the entire UK. They provide quality repairs. Getting iPhone 6 Battery Replacement done via them be as good as getting it done through Apple. Since every repair that they do come with a warranty, thus they will only use the highest quality repairs. You will not be disappointed in their repair services. They will be able to get a new battery for iPhone 6 in no time and within your budget. You won’t have to pay a large sum for quality repairs.