You love your phone, everyone does especially when it is an iPhone 6s. The best part and the most important part of the phone is its screen. If something goes wrong with it, you are going to panic. Your iPhone 6s is on, but the screen does not respond. By “DOES NOT RESPOND” we do not mean that the touch of the screen is not working, what we mean is that all you see is a black screen. Nothing, no colors no light. Your phone is ringing, you are getting messages, but since everything is blank can’t answer it. You tired whatever was in your power when nothing worked you decided it is time to get an iPhone 6s Screen Replacement done.

You should not be quick to judge, there is always a possibility that it is not the screen but some other hardware or software that is causing the problem. Thus, you don’t have to get iPhone 6s Screen Replacement done. Usually, a blank screen is because of some hardware defect, but there is a slight chance that a software failure might have caused it as well. Below are some commons reasons and solution to avoid iPhone 6s Screen Replacement

Hard Reset Your Phone To Prevent iPhone 6s Screen Replacement

Of course, the first thing that you should do is hard-reset your phone. You will be surprised how many times a hard reset has resolved the problem and prevented iPhone 6s Screen Replacement. To hard reset your phone, you need to press and hold the Home Button along with the Power button for about 10 seconds. Normally, you keep pressing them until you see the Apple icon on the screen, but since you have a black screen, pressing it for 10 seconds would be sufficient.

In case you have iPhone 7 and iPhone 7, you need to press the volume down button along with the power button for about 10 seconds. This might resolve the problem and save you the cost of iPhone 6s screen repairs. If the phone restarts, it means that it was a software error and you don’t have to worry much about it. Of course, just keep your phone up to date. However, if you don’t see the Apple logo, you need to read ahead.

iPhone 6s screen replacement

iPhone 6s Screen Replacement: Have a Look Inside

A brief yet informative tour inside your iPhone 6s might help you understand the reason behind a black screen. We are going to focus on two imperative parts of the phone, one is the Logic Board and the other is the Screen. The display is the human representation of the Logic board. The Logic Board is the main brain of your Phone and the display is something that shows the information harvested from the Logic Board.

You can remove the entire display of your iPhone, but take our word on it. Doing iPhone 6s Screen Replacement on your own is not an easy task. It is way more complicated than what it appears to be. Basically, the phone comes with 4 major parts and you should be aware of each one in order to perform iPhone 6s Screen Replacement on your own.

  1. The Home Button on the phone.
  2. The Front Facing Camera
  3. The digitizer, i.e. the part of the screen that converts the digital signals into human-readable form.
  4. Lastly, the LCD of your iPhone 6s.

Every part of your phone’s display is connected to the Logic Board via a separate connector. You will have to make sure if the digitizer is working or it is the LCD that is causing trouble. To do so swipe your finger across the screen of your iPhone 6s.

One of the major reason for a black iPhone screen leading to iPhone 6s Screen Replacement is that the cable that connects the Logic Board to the LCD is dislodged. The cable is known as the Data Connector. If this is the case, the repair person will just fix this particular problem and you won’t have to get iPhone 6s screen repairs done.

Prevent iPhone 6s Screen Replacement By Identifying Whether or Not The Display Is Dislodged

You need to understand this is not a hard and fast rule, it is not going to work for everyone, every time. But there is no harm giving it a shot.

  • If the screen of your phone went black after your dropped your phone. There is a high chance that the data connector is dislodged and you don’t need an iPhone 6s Screen Replacement.
  • If the screen went black after you dropped your phone in the water, it means it is the LCD and you need to get iPhone 6s screen repairs done.

Prevent iPhone 6s Screen Replacement By Fixing Black iPhone Screen

Getting an iPhone 6s Screen Replacement done is a decision that you will take after you identify whether it is the data connector or the LCD itself. If it is the data connector, take it to any nearby Apple Store and ask them to repair it. Chances are that they will repair the phone free despite it been out of warranty.

If it is the LCD that needs the replacement, it is a whole new story then. You can reach out to Apple for iPhone 6s Screen Replacement. This is an effective solution if your phone is under warranty if it is not Apple repair will cost you a lot. The other option is that you reach out to MobileRepairs4u. They are the best repair service available in the entire UK and they are also cost effective. Just give them a call and they will get your phone back to running in no time at all.