iPhone 7 is an amazing piece of technology, it is a phone that is like a mini-computer. You can play games, watch videos, use MS Word, edit files, take pictures and much more. Doing all this requires battery. Although iPhone 7 does come with an excellent battery life, every phone has a set amount of charge cycles before they burn it. This is one of the main reasons why a new phone tends to hold the charge long as compared to an old one. The older your phone, the worse the battery becomes thus leading to iPhone 7 Battery Replacement.

Although this change is not that noticeable until it starts to hinder with your day to day functionality. You have to make a call and the phone shuts down even after just an hour of charging, can be very irritating.  When this happens, there is no other way out then to get an iPhone battery replacement done.

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Is a Complex Task

There are some mobiles that make it very easy for you to replace the battery. All you have to do is get a high-quality battery from a shop, open the back cover, pull the battery out and insert the new one. There are certain phones that make it very hard to replace the battery. One of these phones is iPhone 7. Doing iPhone 7 Battery Repairs on your own is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of concentration and experience. You will need a special kit to unlock the phone. We would not recommend that you perform iPhone Battery Repairs on your own especially when you have little or no experience.

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Decision is Influenced By The Battery Life

It is imperative to note how long your phone lasts. If there is nothing wrong with the battery of your iPhone, it should last all day under moderate use. In case you are playing high-graphic games, and using other battery draining apps, the battery is not going to last that long. Usually, an iPhone’s battery lasts for about 5 hours under constant use.

If your phone is on standby, it should be able to last for a longer period of time. The battery life of your iPhone greatly depends on the types of applications that you use, the number of programs that are running and the number of sources that the phone uses. If you are not overusing the phone, but you still face the battery drainage issue, it means iPhone 7 Battery Repairs are in need.
iPhone 7 battery replacement

The Five Signs of iPhone 7 Battery Replacement

You will never have to go through the hassle of getting your iPhone 7 Battery Repairs done if you change your phone every 2 years. When the contract expires, you get a new phone. If you keep on using the phone for more than 2 years, you might have to get iPhone 7 Battery Replacement at some time.

When the battery nearing the end of its shelf, it shows a warning sign. This warning sign implies iPhone 7 Battery Replacement. To keep a close check on the battery of your phone, you can use the battery monitoring apps. Below are the 5 signs that indicate that iPhone Battery Repairs are due.

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement: The Phone Powers Up When Plugged Into a Charger

This is one of the major signs of iPhone Battery Repairs. If your phone works only when it is plugged into the charger, it means something has gone wrong with the battery. If the problem was with the phone, it won’t work even with charger in. Since the phone is working perfectly fine when you connect it to the charger, it means that the battery is the problem and there is no other way out than iPhone Battery Repairs.

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement: The Charge Does Not Long Last

Another indication that the battery needs replacement is when your iPhone does not hold the charge. You have to re-charge your phone after a couple of hours, in the worst case, you might have to recharge it even after a few minutes. If this is the case, you need to perform iPhone Battery Repair.

When you start using your phone a lot, the battery of your phone drains quickly as well. Before you get to the conclusion of getting iPhone 7 Battery Replacement, we suggest you keep an eye on your usage. If you are not using that phone much. Still, the battery is draining away, you have to replace the battery.

iPhone battery repair

Remember: An Lithium battery tends to lose about 20 percent of its capacity after it has been charged for 500 cycles.

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement: The Phone Feels Hot

When you charge the phone, it is but natural that it heats up. The heat always tends to stay inside the phone. It is very rare that you fell it on the outside shell of your iPhone. When you start feeling the heat on the outer shell of the phone. iPhone Battery Repairs are in need.

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement: The Phone Won’t Turn On

If your phone does not turn on, even after plugging it into the charger. It is because of the battery and you need iPhone Battery Repairs.

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement: Shows Physical Signs Of Damage

Inspect your phone’s battery, check for any de-shaping or swelling. If it is, it means that you need to get iPhone 7 Battery Repairs. There is no alternative for it.


If your phone is under warranty, you can reach out to Apple to get iPhone Battery Repairs.  In case you don’t have a warranty, the best place to get iPhone 7 Battery Replacement is mobilerepairs4u. Their repairs services are best in the entire UK.