Apple’s iPhone 7 may come with a scratch-resistant display, but this does not mean that it won’t crack. If you are not careful with your iPhone 7, you will end up getting iPhone 7 Screen Replacement. iPhone 7 is a great phone, there is no doubt about it but with a cracked screen, it will cause some troubles.

To fully enjoy one of the greatest phones in the world, you need to have its screen intact. The complete touch-screen phone will leave you an awe. The phone comes with a 4.70-inch display having screen resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels. It comes with a PPI of 326 pixels per inch. The phone did come out back September 2016, but it seems that the device is still in demand. A lot of people want to get their hands on it.

The camera of the phone is also impressive, it comes with a 12-MP rear camera and 7 MP front camera. The front camera is perfect for taking selfies. By default, the iPhone 7 runs iOS 10, and you can update to iOS 11 and above. Like the screen, the battery of the phone is also impressive, thus you might not need iPhone 7 battery repairs and iPhone 7 Screen Replacement in the near future. Yet, you have to be careful.

Top-Rated Amazon Screen Protectors To Avoid iPhone 7 Screen Replacement

iPhone 7 has a strong screen, if you are not careful, you might have to get iPhone Screen Repairs. To prevent iPhone 7 Screen Repairs, we suggest you take some precautionary measures. Among different measures, the most important is using a screen protector. A good screen protector can help you prevent iPhone 7 Screen Repairs to a great extent.

Once we have established the fact that to prevent iPhone 7 Screen Replacement you need to use good screen protectors. The next important question is, “How to find One?”. There are so many screen protectors available over the internet and on shops, how do you know which one is good. How to use the right one? We will be answering all these questions. In this article, we will present you with the top-rated Amazon screen protectors. The list is based on two things, first the Fakespot analysis and second the user reviews. All the products that made to our list have B rating on Fakespot and 4 Stars on Amazon.

iPhone 7 screen replacement

We can assure you that using one of these protectors will prevent iPhone Screen Repairs to quite an extent. According to a number of users, using these proctors prevent iPhone 7 Screen Replacement even after a hard fall. So, we suggest that you get one of these protectors for your phone and avoid iPhone 7 Screen Repairs.

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement: Kafka Tempered Glass

let’s start with a Kafka glass screen protector. You can easily find this on Amazon and is available for either iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. The screen protector is .33 mm thin and reduces glare. The protector resists scratch up to 9H, fingerprints, and oils due to its oleophobic coating. To maintain the screen protector and prevent iPhone 7 Screen Repairs as much as possible, Kafka throws in 5 different dust-remove stickers, wet/dry wipes and cleaning kits. The users who bought this protection to prevent iPhone Screen Repairs said that the package was great and so was the number of screen protectors.

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement: Jetech Premium Tempered Glass

Next screen protector to prevent iPhone 7 Screen Repairs is the Jetech Premium Tempered Glass. It has round edges and .33 mm thickness. The glass can provide resistance against The screen a Mohs hardness. If you are looking for a privacy protector, we suggest you get Jetech tempered glass. Even if you prefer the clear finish one, you can find it in Jetech Premium. Verified users particularly mentioned that installing this screen protector was simple and efficient.

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement: amFilm Glass Screen Protector.

The next that we have is amFilm Glass Protector, it also works fine with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. It’s strong and can resist all types of fingerprints and scratches. The glass helps with transparency due to its 0.3 mm thickness. According to the user reviews, the two-pack glass provides adequate protection from falls, thus preventing iPhone Screen Repairs.

iPhone 7 Screen Replacement: Tech Armor Ballistic Glass

This is an excellent protector and it features a six-layer construction including the anti-scratch, fingerprint coating and shatters. The front-facing speaker is not covered by the protector; however, the front camera has a protective glass coating with no opening. According to user reviews, this is one of the best screen protectors that you can get. Using this might prevent iPhone 7 Screen Repairs.