iPhone 6s is a phone that will leave you in awe. It is amazing, it comes with outstanding features. The phone has a 4.7-inch display screen and it comes with very impressive resolution. The phone is fast and efficient because of its 2GB of RAM and A9 processor. No matter how much multiple-tasking you do on the phone will respond like honey. The cameras of the phone is another great quality, it comes with 12 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. Though the phone is powerful, it is a machine in the end and it is prone to some sort of damage. There is a possibility that your phone might hang. In case it does, we have jotted down the solution that you can do on your own. Getting in touch with   iPhone repairs services won’t be necessary.

You are using your iPhone 6s and it freezes, you don’t understand the reason. Even pressing the home button is not help or is the Sleep/Wake button. No matter what you try the phone isn’t working again. Before you get down to the solution, you need to understand the reason that caused the problem in the first place. This is exactly what we are going to do, we will first look for reasons and then suggest iPhone repairs options. A major reason for identifying reasons first is to ensure that you never face this problem in the future.

iPhone repairs

iPhone repairs: Why Does The Phone Freeze

Usually, this problem occurs either because of the software or a hardware problem. But from our past experience, we understand that the phone freezes majorly because of a software issue. Rarely does the hardware become the cause of this particular problem? Nonetheless, whatever the reason is you need to get your iPhone repair done. Something, you might have to get iPhone 6s Screen Replacement and at other time, you might have to get a new battery for iPhone 6s. Before getting down to the hardware iPhone repair solutions, let’s focus on some software issues.

iPhone repairs: How to Unfreeze a Frozen Phone

The first thing that comes to mind when you are trying to unfreeze a frozen phone is that you perform a hard reset of your phone. What you need to understand is that a hard-reset is a temporary solution and not a permeant iPhone repair. It might fix the problem for now, but the issue will rise again.

iPhone repairs: Hard Reset Method

To do a hard reset of your iPhone 6s, you need to press the Home button along with the Sleep button for a couple of seconds or till you see Apple’s logo. In case you have iPhone 7, you can do a hard reset with the combination of Volume Down button and Power Button. After you see the Logo, you need to let go of the buttons. The phone is hard reset now.

NOTE: If the phone stucks right after the hard set, you need to directly head to the Restore your Phone.

When your phone hangs, it means you are in need of a new battery, you will have to get iPhone 6 battery replacement done. Or the phone is fine it is the screen then you will have to get iPhone 6s screen replacement done. Some random apps might also be the cause, this way you don’t have to get hardware iPhone repairs done.

iPhone 6s Screen Replacement

Identifying The Problem That Caused iPhone repairs

To identify the problem, you need to understand a couple of things first. For example, you need to ensure whether an app is responsible for making your phone hang. Whenever you open the app, does it make your iPhone hang? Also, notice if this problem started after you installed a new app. Or did you change the settings of your phone. If any of the above-mentioned cases is true, you have the obvious solution. Once you find the ap, all you have to do is delete it.

iPhone repairs: Reset The Phone

If deleting an app does not help, it is time that you reset your phone to factory reset option. That will hopefully resolve the problem. But before you do that we do recommend that you create a backup of your data. Only then do a factory reset because once you do a factory reset you will lose all the data there is.