Previously hackers have been using malicious apps in order to gain access to your phone. So, when downloading an app, you are advised to check out the source. If you think this is bad, then you have worse coming your way. What if your phone kissed the road and left you in need of an iPhone Screen Replacement. Of course, the viable option would be to get iPhone Screen Repairs done, but here is the tricky party, there are malicious chips available in the market that can be used to control your phone.

What Really Happens When Getting iPhone Screen Replacement Done Unreliable Third-Party Repairs

What really happens is that you send in your phone for iPhone Screen Repairs to a random third-party repair shop. They will replace your phone’s screen, but at the same time, they will insert in a malicious chip.

Chip in the Middle is what we name this type of attack. Basically, a malicious integrated circuit is embedded within monitors and two points the communication they exchange. In some cases, Arduino platform running on STM32L432 micro-controller or ATmega328 micro-controller are used to carry out the attack. Although, other general-purpose controllers can do the trick as well. A hair blow dryer is used to separate the main assembly from the touchscreen controller. This is done to gain access to the copper pads. Now to attach the chip to the device, a copper wire is fussed. You might think it to be pretty apparent, but with a little more work, you can seamlessly hide the chip inside the phone while doing iPhone Screen Replacement.

iPhone screen replacement

The chip is not going to have any effect on the performance of the phone, on the contrary, it will secretly record all your data and send it to another party. The chip once inserted into your phone via the iPhone Screen Replacement mode will log the keyboard patterns and inputs, it will take pictures of your email, install other malicious apps and send all this to the attacker using an email. We can assure you that you will have no knowledge of this while it is being done.

iPhone Screen Replacement: Cost Of The Malicious Chips

What is worse is that the chips are not expensive at all. It can be mass produced and it cost less than $10. A third-party repair shop can easily access these chips. Since they are hard to distinguish, thus it is really difficult to identify them.

iPhone Screen Replacement: Prevention of Malicious Chips

Now that you know regarding this, what exactly is the solution to this problem? Other than tearing apart the newly iPhone Screen Repairs done. What you should do is choose the repairs shops with care, do not opt for any random repair shop. In fact, reach for ones that are known, one example is MobileRepairs4u.

These people have been in the repairing business for quite some time. They are known for quality repairs. Sending your phone to them for iPhone Screen Replacement is going to be a safe way out. They will not only do iPhone Screen Repairs using highest quality parts, but they will also ensure that no malicious chips are inserted into your phone. Since their repairs come with warranties, thus they ensure that you get only the best. Instead of going here and there, just reach out to Mobilerepairs4u to get iPhone Screen Replacement done.