A screen is everything on phones like iPhone, if something goes wrong with it you are in a big mess. You can’t operate your phone, in the worst case, you won’t be even able to attend an incoming call. In this case, you will have no alternative except to get iPhone screen replacement. Getting an iPhone screen replacement becomes imperative when are not able to do anything with your phone.

However, if you have a slightly less complicated problem such as a blurry iPhone screen, we suggest that you try out resolving the issue on your own. Yes, you can opt for iPhone screen repair option, but let’s keep that as our last resort. After all, you would not like to spend extra bucks on an already expensive phone. For people who are facing the blurry screen problem, they need to pinpoint the cause. Once they are able to do that there are several potential fixes. Often when you come across a blurry iPhone screen, the reason is not actually the screen, but the colors are less vibrant and seem to be less clear than usual.

iPhone Screen Replacement:  Blurry Screen A Software Or A Hardware Problem

First thing first, you need to identify whether it is a software problem, or it is a hardware problem. In some scenarios, it seems that the blurry iPhone screen is because of a hardware issue. If that is the case, then iPhone screen replacement is a sure shot. However, if it is a software problem often restarting the phone tends to resolve it.

Usually, when a hard reset isn’t able to resolve the problem, we categorize it as a hardware problem. To come over this problem you will need to get iPhone screen replacement done.

How Overcoming These Leading Blurry iPhone Screen Causes Can Prevent iPhone Screen Replacement?

If you have a blurry screen, there are different reasons. It may be because of the recent iPhone screen repairs you got. These iPhone screen repairs were not up to the mark and now they are causing this problem. Or you have dropped your phone and ended up with this problem.

iPhone Screen Replacement: The Display Is Lighter Than Usual

If you noticed that the colors of your display are no longer that vibrant, it may because of a damaged LCD crystal. Now wondering how did you end up with damaged LCD Crystals? Well maybe you might have dropped your phone, or put someone heavy on it. Doing this somehow damaged the wiring loom that powers your iPhones screen. This seems to be a hardware issue and iPhone screen replacement is your best shot.

iPhone screen replacement

iPhone Screen Replacement: Got iPhone Screen Repairs

Another reason behind a blurry screen is poor iPhone screen repairs. If you went in and got yourself a new iPhone screen, but you tend to notice the foggy screen even after the replacement, it means that repair people have used cheap quality screen. Had they used a good high-quality screen, you would not have to face this issue. Therefore, it is imperative that you select good third-party repairs such as mobilerepairs4u.co.uk for getting iPhone screen replacement done.

iPhone Screen Replacement: Screen Becomes Blurry After Prolonged Usage

If the screen of your phone seems to work pretty well, but after a prolonged usage it comes blurry. This may be due to the reason that it gets overheated. You can be sure whether this is the problem or not, by letting your device cool down and then see if the problem still persists. If it does not, it means that the problem is due to heating of the device. You should check up with repair shops in order to get more information regarding this problem.

iPhone Screen Replacement: Dropped Your Phone

This is among the best reason for a blurry screen and an iPhone screen replacement. You drop your phone on a hard surface. Due to this, the internal connections are damaged, and the phone is not able to function properly.  At this point, we believe that a professional technician should be your first priority.

iPhone Screen Replacement: Dropped Your iPhone In Water

if you have iPhone 6 and you dropped it in water, there is a high probability of you getting an iPhone 6 screen replacement done. However, if it is iPhone 7 and above, you still have a chance. In case the water does get in somehow, but if it is not much this can cause the screen of your phone to go blurry. You will then have to dry it in order to use it correct. We suggest you get iPhone screen repairs done. You need to dry the water as soon as possible to avoid damaging your entire phone.

iPhone Screen Replacement: After Receiving a Text The Phone’s Background Goes Blank

This is okay, and you don’t have to worry about this. This is an inbuilt feature; the screen is supposed to blurry in the foreground when you get notifications.

iPhone Screen Replacement: Pictures Are Blurry

The screen of your iPhone is fine, but when you take pictures they are blurry. Mostly this is because the camera of the phone has become scratchy with time and now it is causing problem.

Different Ways To resolving Blurry iPhone Screen And Saving iPhone Screen Replacement Cost

Before getting an iPhone, screen repairs done, we suggest you try out these tips below. They might be able to resolve the problem especially when it is a software one.

iPhone Screen Replacement: Soft Reset

Start with doing a soft reset of your phone. They might solve the problem and you won’t have to pay for iPhone screen repairs. Simply restart your phone and you might get away with it.

iPhone Screen Replacement: Hard Reset
  1. if soft reset does not work, you can always try out the hard reset. To perform a hard reset, follow the steps given below.
  2. Make a backup of your entire data as you are about to wipe clean your phone.
  3. Now go to Home Screen of your phone, and tap on Settings App.
  4. Once there, tap on General and from there Reset option.
  5. Under reset, you will see the Reset All Settings option. Selecting this option will keep your data intact. If you reset and erase everything, it is then when you will lose all the data.