With every passing day, it seems that Apple produces better and enhanced phones. No longer are these smartphones just a mode to communicate, they have become the center of our world. Although, with every new device they become better and stronger, yet there seems to be a problem. Many a time, overheating of the phone might make you think that you need to Replace iPhone 6 Battery.

You will be left in awe of the amount of heat this device can bear. It is a strong machine, but constant overheating can lead to a series of problems, iPhone 6 Battery Replacement on top. If you want to avoid iPhone 6 Battery Repairs, we do suggest that you keep a close check on the overheating of the device. The phone comes with a 4.7-inch display, with 750 x 1334 resolution. It has 1GB of RAM and A8 processor. The phone is fast and efficient. It comes with iOS 6 and you can update the latest iOS for now. The cameras of the phone are also impressive, it has 8 MP rear camera and 1.2 MP front camera.

It is important that you note when your phone gets overheated. Like it is when you are constantly using it or when it is put on charging. In most cases, it is usually when you are charging and using the phone at the same time. It is better to be careful than end up with no other option then to Replace iPhone 6 Battery.


If you believe that iPhone 6 Battery Replacement is your only hope, we recommend you reach out to Mobilerepairs4u. These people are the best when it comes to iPhone 6 Battery Repairs. They will ensure that you get to Replace iPhone 6 Battery is no time and in very little budget. You will be impressed by their repair services and outstanding customer services. Before you bring in your phone for iPhone 6 Battery Repairs, we suggest you try some of the effective tips below. These tips will help you prevent your phone from overheating.

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You Might Not Need To Replace iPhone 6 Battery With The Help Of These Effective Tips

Before you get down to iPhone 6 Battery Repairs, let us give a shot to these tips to prevent your phone from overheating.

Replace iPhone 6 Battery: Remove Case Before Charging

Most of us have a protection case around our phone, which is a good thing as this prevents iPhone 6 Screen Replacement. These cases can be of great help at one end and a big problem at the other. If you are using a bulky case to protect your phone, it is imperative that you remove it while charging your phone. The heat that the phone generates while charging is sustained because of this cover.

Removing the cover allows the heat to go away, thus preventing iPhone 6 Battery Repairs. If your phone gets warm during the charge, it is not going to hold the charge for a longer period. This will again make you think that an iPhone 6 Battery Replacement is due.

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Replace iPhone 6 Battery: Avoid Hot Surface Or Things While Charging Your Phone

Most of you think this to be a myth, i.e. if you charge your phone near something hot, it might cause iPhone 6 Battery Repairs. But it is not a myth, the phone is already emitting heat if you place it close to something hot, the heat increases. This will make your phone get warmer and eventually the battery to give away. You will then have to get iPhone 6 Battery Replacement done.

Replace iPhone 6 Battery: Avoid Direct Contact With The Sunlight When Charging

We highly recommend that you do not place your phone under direct sunlight while you are charging it. If you want to leave it, make sure it is not for more than a couple of minutes. A Prolonged exposure to the sun is going to damage the battery forcing you to Replace iPhone 6 Battery. It is also going to affect the screen of your phone, again making you go for iPhone 6 Screen Replacement. To avoid iPhone 6 Battery Repairs, you need to avoid sun contact for long.

Replace iPhone 6 Battery: Turn Off Apps That You Are Not Using

If your phone is running to its max capacity, it is generating a lot of heat and thus it can get very hot. To avoid this, you need to cut down the apps that you are not currently using. Doing so will reduce the heat as the phone’s machinery won’t be working 24/7 generating more and more heat. The phone will get time to cool down and also avoid iPhone 6 Battery Repairs. Head to Settings to determine the apps that are actively running and consuming resources and generating heat.

Replace iPhone 6 Battery: Keep the Apps Up To Date

Most of you might not like updating their phone, as you believe that it might slow down everything. Every new update comes with previous bug resolves and prevents viruses. Both these things can slow down your phone and affect the battery. Thus, making you think that an iPhone 6 Battery Replacement is in need. So, it is imperative that you keep your phone up to date in order to avoid these kinds of issues.

Replace iPhone 6 Battery: Overheating Of Phone, Is It Normal?

Smartphones are devices that are generating heat all the time. If they overheat once in a while, we believe that it is not a problem. However, if you notice that your iPhone 6 warms up every now and then, you need to pay close heed to it. Notice the time and the pattern, as this might lead to iPhone 6 Battery Replacement especially when not resolved in time.