Everything has its pros and cons, while you must be excited about updating your iPhone 6/6s to iOS 11, it comes with the inevitable iPhone battery drainage problem. Due to some reasons, the battery of your iPhone is drained out real quick, and one wonders do they need an iPhone battery replacement. We do have some effective tips that will help you save the better life, and prevent the trouble of getting iPhone battery replacement done.

You will be amazed at what changing a handful of settings can do to improve your iPhone’s battery life. It does not matter which model you owe, fixing the battery life of your phone is always on top of your priority list. So, need to stop wondering why is the battery dying so quickly and are in need of an iPhone battery replacement? These tips will help you conserve the battery life. These tips are effective especially for people who own an iPhone 6/6s and they are thinking on the terms of Apple iPhone 6 battery replacement or iPhone 6s battery replacement done.

iOS 11 Tips and Tricks to Prevent iPhone Battery Replacement

Use iOS 11 Battery Life Suggestions

The new iOS 11 comes with a feature that suggests how to save your iPhone’s battery and how to prevent iPhone battery replacement. We believe that changing certain settings can help you ensure that you do not have to replace iPhone 6 battery. To see your iPhone recommendation, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings App on your iPhone.
  • Tap on Battery
  • Search for Life Suggestion, these are the tips that will help improve the battery performance of your phone.
  • To change the settings, tab on suggestion.

    iPhone battery replacement

In case you do not see any Battery Life Suggestions, it means that your iPhone is fully optimized, and it does not see any ways to improve battery via Settings. You might up to get an iPhone 6s battery replacement.

Disable Raise to Wake on iPhone

iPhone 6s, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 came with a new amazing feature, Raise to Wake. It means every time you raise your phone, the backlit will turn on automatically. This can be a problem for people who tend to keep their phone in their hand all the time and they are mostly walking about. iPhone 6 constantly turning on will turn the battery down, and make you think that it is time you replace iPhone 6 battery.

  • Go to Settings, tap on Display and Brightness.
  • Now look for the Raise to Wake option and toggle it off.

Always update Apps to prevent iPhone 6s Battery Replacement

The beta version of iOS is for the developers, this is to ensure that they are able to keep their apps up to date with the latest iOS needs. So, once you upgrade your phone to latest iOS version, it is highly recommended that you update the apps that are available to update. As these apps are compatible with the new iOS settings.

  • Head to App Store.
  • Look for the Update Tab present on the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on Update All option. You will find it at the upper right corner.

Reduce Number of Widgets on Lock Screen

You might think that having a large number of Widgets on the Lock Screen looks cool, but they are also the reason being unwanted battery drainage leading to unwanted Apple iPhone 6 battery replacement.

  • Unlock your Phone.
  • Open the Widgets page, scroll down and tap on Edit.
  • Tap on the circle next to widget you want to remove.
  • You will see a delete button, tap on it to delete.
  • Finally, tap on Done.

Avoid iPhone Battery Replacement by Restarting your phone

Restarting your iPhone is among the best ways to resolve many problems. Although we understand that it will not completely resolve the battery issue, it will for sure give some boost. Thus, you might not have to think on the terms of iPhone 6s battery replacement.

  • Press and hold the Sleep/wake button till the screen is black with just the Power off option.
  • Swipe to turn your phone off.
  • Once your phone is off. To turn it back on, just press the Sleep/Wake button.


Turn off Background App Refresh to avoid iPhone battery replacement

From our personal experience, we believe that automatically refreshing the apps in the background is among the most common problems of iPhone battery drainage and iPhone battery replacement respectively. To turn off background app refresh follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings, look for General and tap on it.
  • Search for the Background App Refresh.
  • Toggle off the option.