Dreading malware pushing adware apps may result in faster iPhone battery replacement and Samsung battery replacement

Previously it was assumed that only desktop and laptops were victimized with malware attacks, however, your smartphones these days are no longer an exception. We regularly see these smart phone malware attacks, and our customers used to come to resolve the problems generally happen due to these malware attacks. Since a major segment of the world population has shifted to smartphones (estimated users 6 billion by 2020) for performing countless tasks ranging from web surfing to internet banking the scope of malware attacks is indeed broadened. Digital wallets attacks, banking malware, premium rate SMD fraud and identity theft have really snatched peace of mind.  Do you know that Android faces maximum malicious attacks? Although iPhones, Blackberries and Google phones are also vulnerable attacks to a lesser degree. Apple and Google thoroughly scrutinize each app before launching on Google play store and Apple store. Limited compatibility of Apple has greatly kept malware attacks at bay. Android is largely adapted to other app stores and allows third party app installation allowing room for malevolent attacks.

Dreading battery anxiety or Nomophobia is the term coined for dead batteries affected but before iPhone 5S battery replacement or Samsung battery replacement S6 always look for the software or hardware draining your battery. Below you will find effective ways of protection against smart phone malware attacks.

Refrain from jail breaking

Every operating system is designed with its inherent security limitations, jail breaking refers to the destruction of such limitations accessing to absolute command over the operating system. Doing so will allow malicious data to penetrate your Smartphones along with other apps. A root enabled device can prove to be disastrous for you and your company. Attempting jailbreak could possibly lead in the crashing of your device and possibly require Samsung phone repair.

Activate remote wipe

Activating remote wipe enables iPhone and Samsung device owner to clear all sensitive information prior it is misused or leaked. Since this feature is mostly demanded in physical misplacement or loss of phone promptness is utterly required since any delays will make you suffer losses. Also, use the similar feature if you forget to backup and reset while sending for Samsung phone repair.

smart phone malware attacks

Malware attack may be confused with Samsung battery replacement S6

You might be thinking for Samsung battery replacement for quick battery drainage but wait you might end in the wrong diagnosis. This may happen due to smart phone malware attacks. Normally cyber criminals decompile and deconstruct popular apps like Candy Crush and Angry Birds and publish infected versions full of spam-like malware and adware popping up an unending ad chain that intensely affect battery life. Uninstalling the app may free you from the need for Samsung battery replacement. It is strongly advised always install the app from trusted source.It is very unlikely that you get battery malware during Samsung battery replacement, mostly it is the infected software that ruins the privacy and speed of the phone.

Never ever respond to unauthorized links and e-mails

Curiosity is the biggest killer, you might receive an email with some serious call to action message, let’s say ‘’call me, I am in emergency situation’’ annexed with the link instigating you to click it. By doing so you will be directed to fake website ultimately ending with stolen sensitive information. Never ever respond to unknown senders, trust me nothing will happen except some dangerous smart phone malware attacks.

Encryption is vital to protect from smart phone malware attacks

Always play safe by keeping your smartphones encrypted with really hard alphanumeric passwords. So that in event of lost smartphone your data remains safe. Avoid putting simple passwords like 0000, or 123456 or your car number, house number or even date of birth. Cyber predators are not always unknown, unfortunately, any of your disguised enemies be lurking around you to find one chance to rip you off. Also, encryption will save you if someone asks you for your phone making a call, doing so will prevent in checking your device and smart phone malware attacks.

Avoid public Wi-Fi as much as possible to keep phones safe from smart phone malware attacks

An open Wi-Fi connection is a house of cyber criminals since they keep on hunting for target preys. Always try to use a data connection if it is utterly required or else simply turn down the connectivity to avoid any serious issues. Companies are pondering over agreeable usage policies, VPN technology provisions and security enriched connectivity. Turning down Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is also a good practice to stretch battery life and prevent from smart phone malware attacks and even delay the Samsung and iPhone battery replacement.

Counter malware with anti-malware

Although chances for malware susceptibility exist for iOS and Blackberry interestingly no countermeasure is offered in the form of anti-malware that is really a concern. Androids on the other are although notorious for malware proofing yet you can still secure your device from external smart phone malware attacks by installing reliable anti-malware and continuously updating it.