We all own smartphones and we all love them. Every one of us loves to own an expensive and exquisite smartphone like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or other. These premium smartphones truly are aesthetically designed and comes with great set of features and specifications.

However, one thing that all of us hate is a damaged or broken smartphones. Modern day smartphones are seriously complex fusion of delicate electronic components that needs every bit of care. Though the smartphone manufacturing companies are trying their level best to offer more and more robust devices, still with so many electronic components packed in a tiny little space, you can expect any breakage or damage at any time.

So, if you own an expensive iPhone or exquisite Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you should be prepared to get it repaired at some point of time. Interestingly, many people don’t realize the saving and cost effectiveness of reliable mobile phone repairing. Studies have shown that a reliable and persistent mobile repair shop can save you well around 70% cost off the new phone – just imagine saving 70% cost of your iPhone 7!

Key Things To Consider Before You Handover Your Phone To Any Mobile Repair Shop

Repairing technicians:Smartphone Repair Technicians

Well this is by far the most important aspect to lookout for. There are countless number of mobile repair shop operating across the world and not all of them are reliable. So, before you handover your expensive iPhone or Samsung to any repair shop, make sure they have the required expertise to deal with the issue professionally. The best way to ensure this is by looking at the technicians performing repair or replacement jobs. A truly reliable and professional mobile repair shop will have highly trained and experienced technicians working for them. Talk to their technicians and ask them about their experience, interests and skills to have an idea of their proficiency. This way you can be sure of getting the job done from the right man.


Mobile phone repairing isn’t much expensive – seriously! We know there are some highly reputable repair shops charging many times the real cost (cashing their repute and reliability). However, there are other shops with equal level of proficiency and expertise offering their services at nominal pricing.
You can always check market pricing for the required repair over internet. Compare pricing of different mobile repair shops to have a fair idea about right price. Your little effort can save you money for sure!

Response Time:

We all love our mobiles and spending a single day without our smartphones can be seriously daunting. Nowadays, more and more mobile repair shops are offering fast mobile repair services under the banner of same day mobile repair. Lookout for the “Same day mobile repair shop” and test their response time. To give you an idea, many small repairs like iPhone screen repair, charging port replacement, battery repair / replacement and many other minor replacements can be performed instantly within an hour. So, ask the repair shop about estimated time and demand them to return your repaired mobile same day.