If you have recently bought an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, you will want to know about all its wonderful tips and tricks so that you can use this phone to its full potential.

The following article aims to provide 30 essential tips and tricks for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. It basically shows you some cool tricks that you can do with these latest iPhone models, which will make your iPhone experience more exciting and productive and will save you a lot of time doing things on your beloved iPhone. Let’s take a look at!

Transferring data wirelessly

Remember to upgrade the old iPhone you have to iOS 11 prior to selling it. This is because this iOS possesses an Automatic Setup feature that allows you to set up your new iPhone by only bringing it close to the old iPhone you have.

iPhone 8+ tips

The Toggle True Tone feature

You can alter your screen’s colour temperature and that based upon the surrounding you are in. If you feel that this feature is not working properly then you can simply switch it off.

iPhone 8+ tips and tricks

Portrait lighting for photos

Those who have an iPhone 8 Plus can benefit from four camera effects particularly in Portrait mode. You will get two lighting effects. There will also be two dramatic spotlight effects which drop out the precise background.

Edit portrait shots

If you want to, later on, have a new lighting effect to your picture taken by a portrait shot, this can be done in the 8 Plus. Simply open the iOS 11 portrait shot inside your Photos app, then click Edit.

Send money

Open messages and begin a conversation with your friend who you wish to send money. You will see the Applications icon in the bottom area of the screen. Click this then Apply Pay logo.

apple Send money to a friend

Siri can play a podcast

iOS 11 allows you to add podcast integration, particularly to Siri. You need to say something like “Hey Siri, provide me with the news.”

Ask Siri to play a podcast

Charge without lightning

Those who have an 8 or 8 Plus should know that these support the useful Qi charging standard.

Charge your phone without lightning

Control video resolution

iPhone 8 and also 8 Plus are able to shoot videos that are of a higher-quality than in previous phones.

iPhone 8 plus tricks

Organise your Files

These latest iPhone models have a new Files app which allows you to access third-party services such as Dropbox and Google Drive to manage your data.

iPhone 8 plus tips

Pick photo format

iOS 11 employs more efficient video plus size photo formats in comparison to previous versions so as to be able to save needed space.

iPhone 8

Looping Live Photos

If you want to do this swipe your photo up to show the Effects list. After this click on the effect you want.

Save an exciting GIF

Simply tap then hold your image till it tells you to save this. You can do this in Safari also. You may need to open the particular original image file to save this.

Customise Control Centre

This can be done through the Settings app. You can add needed shortcuts to those features that you employ.

Siri can play music

You can tell Siri to play music in the genre you want. Siri can also add songs to your music queue. You will get information concerning the present song.

Two taps to switch between apps

It is possible to switch between apps fast by simply double-clicking your phone’s home screen.

Turn Off Auto Brightness

You can do it by tapping the Settings App > Display & Brightness >  Accessibility > Display Accommodations.

iPhone 8+ tips and tricks

Locate iCloud settings

Some settings have been changed to new places in iOS 11. iCloud settings can be found at the top of your Settings app.

iPhone 8 plus

iCloud storage can be shared

To do this, go to Settings app then click on your name, after this iCloud, and Manage Storage. The person you are sharing with needs to acknowledge the transfer.

Be safe when driving

You can enable the useful Do Not Disturb While Driving option that the phone will ask you the first time that you drive.

Record videos of things on the screen

Proceed to Control Centre area of your Settings app, then click Customize Control, then add Screen Recording to the list of items. To begin recording, swipe to get the Control Centre then click the recording icon.

Mute Conversations in Messages App

You can also enjoy some new features in Messages apps. If you feel disturbance when you get a lot of message notifications, you can mute conversations by swiping left on a conversation and then tapping Hide Alerts.

iPhone 8+ tricks

Understand the Power of Low Sync Flash

The cameras of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus has another advanced capability of low sync flash which helps you take more balanced shots in low lights.

Augmented reality

You can explore augmented reality with the iPhone 8. This phone’s cameras plus sensors have been calibrated at the factory to give high-levels of exciting precision for employment in your augmented-reality apps.

Notes features

You can drag as well as drop needed items particularly in Notes.

Check the Spirit Level of Something

You can reveal a handy spirit level of something by launching the Compass app on your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus and then swipe left.

Easier to type using one hand

You can squeeze your keyboard to one area of your screen in the iOS 11 to use one hand to type.

Add filters to photos

You will get many new filters. There are three variations precious on three different exciting styles.

iphone photo filter

Get directions when in the mall

This can be done without a directory.

Scan QR codes

This can be done inside the Camera app.

iPhone 8


You can prepare for emergencies with the Emergency SOS feature. This can be enabled by going to Settings then Emergency SOS. You can press your power button only five times to use this.

Try out the above tips with your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

iPhone 8+ tricks

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