If you are an iPhone user then you must be aware of its one unique feature “Find My iPhone”. This feature is an extremely useful service and every iPhone user want to have it turned on. The feature was implemented to discourage and stop Apple devices’ theft. Find My iPhone service helps you locate your Apple device and it also prevents a thief from erasing your iPhone. Find my iPhone feature is linked with the iPhone user’s Apple ID. Through this service, you can erase your data remotely, see the location of your lost iPhone on a map and can remotely lock your iPhone as well. If you purchased a refurbished or second-hand iPhone and Find My iPhone has requested a password to activate then you have to meet the original owner of the iPhone to retrieve the password. Remember, as long as the service “Find My iPhone” is active, you cannot erase your iPhone. Find My iPhone is a feature that is available both in iOS and macOS.

There are times when you wanted to know how to disable Find My iPhone service, for instance when you want to sell your old iPhone to get Apple’s latest model. So before selling your iPhone make sure you have disabled Find My iPhone service.

Before disabling the service, the very first thing you have to do is to back up your current iPhone. And this is very important to remember. If you don’t know how to back up your iPhone, just Google it and follow the steps. Also make sure that before erasing and selling the iPhone, you must sign out from iCloud, iTunes and App Store.

In some specific cases, Find My iPhone feature becomes not that useful and also many iPhone users don’t want the luxury of Find My iPhone. So, if you find yourself among that crowd then you do not need to worry about it. The following guide will help you to troubleshoot the problem of turning off the Find My iPhone feature.

Before going further, let’s summarize the above-written lines and understand what actually is Find My iPhone service and its functions.

Find My iPhone

Apple’s Find my iPhone service lets you locate and protect your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod touch, AirPods and Mac. Functions of Find My iPhone feature are:

– Locate your stolen Apple device on a map.

– Play a sound on your Apple device to help you find it.

– Lock and track your device using Lock mode.

– Lets you erase all of your personal information remotely from the device.

– And protect your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod touch, AirPods and Mac with Activation Lock.

Now let’s discuss how to turn off Find My iPhone feature.

Easy steps to turn off Find My iPhone

Turning off Find My iPhone service is pretty straightforward. First, you need is to have the Apple ID password that you used to set up this feature. Once armed with the required Apple ID and Password, follow the below-mentioned steps to disable Find My iPhone.

– Go to Settings option on your Apple device.

–  Tap iCloud.

– Select Find My iPhone.

– Set Find My iPhone to Off.

The device will ask you the Apple ID password. Enter the password and tap Turn Off.

By doing these steps, your iOS device will disable Find My iPhone service. If you have plans to sell that device then you have to reset the device to its factory settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.


Technique to turn off Find My iPhone in iPad or iPod touch

Since user’s privacy is Apple’s core policy rule, so it doesn’t allow third-party software to intervene in user’s private data when Find My iPhone service is enabled in iPad or iPod.

The procedure to turn off Find My iPhone in iPad and iPod touch is same as mentioned above for an iPhone. Launch settings, after that tap to iCloud, select Find My iPhone and set it off. Again you have to enter the Apple ID password when prompted.

You can remove a MacBook from Find My Mac

Find My Mac feature is same as Find My iPhone feature. By logging into your iCloud account, you can find any Apple device that has gone missing. It also helps you to locate a lost or stolen Mac device from another Apple device.

Talking about how to remove a MacBook from Find My Mac, is a bit different from what we discussed above. Follow these steps to turn off Find My iPhone on your Mac.

–  On your Mac computer, click the Apple menu. A drop-down menu will be displayed.

– Select System Preferences.

– From the display screen, select the iCloud option. As shown in the below image.

– Scroll down to the bottom of the screen until you see Find My Mac option. (image is shown below)

find my iPhone

– Uncheck the checkbox located left side and adjacent to Find My Mac option. After clicking on the box, you will be asked to enter the Apple ID or iCloud password.

–  In the last step, enter your iCloud/Apple ID password and click continue. Your Find My Mac feature is disabled.

Can I turn off Find My iPhone feature, if I don’t have the Apple ID password?

The answer to this question is NO. We are sorry to report that there is no way that you can turn off Find My iPhone without the Apple ID and Password. And if there is any way around then we recommend to avoid it because as per the official news and updates so far there is no way to do it without the Apple ID and password. If you purchased the iPhone in second-hand or refurbished from then you can request for Apple ID and password from the previous owner. If you don’t know the owner then there is a solution for you in this situation. In most cases, Apple ID is the email address of the owner. So check the Apple ID and email the owner and request him to retrieve the password of Apple ID. Without the Apple ID and password, there is no legitimate way to turn off/disable Find My iPhone or reset any iOS device to its factory settings.