Good news for iPhone users. Amazon has finally released an updated version of its Alexa app for iOS. Now iPhone users having Alexa app can talk to it rather than just using it to manage other Alexa-enabled apps. Alexa iOS app has the ability to support your voice controls.

Amazon brought this feature to Android users in January and in late June, Amazon released the updated version of Alexa for iOS devices.

What is Alexa app for iOS

Alexa app is Amazon’s virtual assistant app available for Android and iOS users. It is supposed that the Alexa name is derived from the ancient library of Alexandria. Alexa, in simple words, is a voice control system. You speak your wishes to the app and the Alexa fulfil it accordingly. Alexa app is a companion to your iOS device for enhanced features. Alexa app lets you play your favourite music, make calls, create lists, answers the questions, provide weather updates and much more through your iOS device. Cloud is the brain behind Alexa and the more you use it, the more app adapts your voice and vocabulary. You can easily manage your music lists, alarms, shopping lists and more through the Alexa. All you have to do is to connect to your Wi-Fi using the Alexa app and the rest is in the hands of this beautifully and skilfully designed app. You can also download Trivia World to check your IQ level with Alexa.

Without a doubt, there is a number of people who also have the Alexa device in their homes, like an Amazon Echo. And surely many people also love to have Alexa app in their iPhones. With a tap of a button, you will be able to use this Amazon’s digital assistant on your iPhone. But here comes a little problem for iOS users. In Android, you can set Alexa as the default voice assistant but in iPhone, it is not a replacement for Siri. Frist, you have to open the App and then push the button to start using the Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. But it nice to see a third-party OS like iOS having a mature version of Alexa in its app store. Those who live in Amazon’s Echo ecosystem will get the most out of the app.

Amazon said that with the latest version of the app, iOS users can also control their connected devices remotely. The new and updated version of the app is available to download at Apple App Store.

After installing the app in your iOS device, you can give same commands that you might give to your Amazon Echo device. For example, through this app, you can ask your iPhone to turn on the lights of your room. As mentioned above, using Alexa on an iPhone is a little different from using it on an Android phone. In iPhone, you have to press the button (shown in the below image) within the Alexa app.

Method to use Alexa on an iPhone

Before using the Alexa make sure the app is up-to-date. After this follow these steps to use the app in your iPhone.

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app in your iPhone. It is not to surprise that being an iPhone user, you cannot say ‘Hey Alexa’ to wake it up. You also do not need to long press and hold the button in fact just a tap will do the work.

  • If you are using the app first time then you have to grant some permission to the app on your iOS. Read the permission details and press Allow.

  • After pressing allow, the app will ask you one more time to confirm your decision. Press Allow again.

  • If you using the Alexa app for the first time then in next step a window will appear. The window gives you some examples of the app. After viewing the details press DONE.

  • In the next window, you will see a dark transparent window. The Alexa also suggests you for things you can ask to the app. If you want to try anything, ask the app otherwise press the blue X.

Ask Alexa anything as you would ask to other Alexa-enabled devices. From switching on your smart lights to making calls to your loved ones to ordering food online, you can ask Alexa and she will reply to you with an answer. We asked Alexa about the teams qualified for FIFA World Cup 2018 final and she replied France and Croatia.

From this year’s May, all Android users can set Alexa as their default voice assistant but there is no such luck with Alexa for iOS users so far. Right now Siri is still the main voice assistant for iOS and there is no way you can change it. And to talk to Alexa you have to open the app.

Alexa in the Amazon Shopping App

While using the Amazon app you may have noticed that there is microphone button located at the right of the search bar. Earlier, this microphone button was used to search for the products and track your orders on Amazon. But last year, Amazon updated the app to let users harness the full power of the app. In iOS, the Alexa app can perform almost everything the Alexa speakers can do.