The Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone is made of a metal frame with Gorilla Glass on opposite sides making it look dashing and better than its predecessor the Galaxy S5 which was made of plastic. With a thickness of just 6.8 mm and without argument the best smartphone cameras to date, the home button fitted with a fingerprint scanner, it definitely is a treasured possession.

Most Common Samsung Galaxy 6 Repairs

The common repairs that a Damaged Galaxy S6 experience are:

Galaxy S6 experience are:

  • water damage
  • broken screen
  • camera repair
  • display touch screen repair
  • speaker
  • microphone or volume control repair

The most common damages, usually we experience at MobileRepairs4U, are water damage for Samsung Galaxy S6 or a broken screen repair. Once the issue has been analyzed and the price estimated for the repair of your Galaxy S6, you can go ahead with getting the repairs done.

Dropped Samsung Galaxy S6 AccidentlyDamaged Galaxy S6

In case you have accidentally dropped your Samsung Galaxy S6 you might notice that phone does not respond to your touch or the screen turns black or the display glass is either cracked or totally broken. When this happens the broken screen of Samsung Galaxy S6 will not be in a position to be fixed, rather it will have to be replaced. Actually all the components like screen, touch sensor and backlight come as a single unit as they are glued together. Sometimes there are cases where the display and glass are intact but the screen has turned black, grey or white or broken pixels like spots or stripes are visible or the background lights stop functioning. Here too the display of Samsung Galaxy S6 cannot be fixed but has to be replaced.

Water Damage

Fix water damaged Samsung Galaxy S6 when you unknowingly drop your phone in pools, rivers or even your toilet. Even if the Galaxy fell in salt water the first thing you should do is to dry the phone completely and resist the urge to switch on the phone or press any buttons or use the touch screen. In fact, do not turn on the phone at all. Remove the battery and SIM card and do not plug the phone into a charger until the phone is completely dried. Isopropyl alcohol can often resolve many internal issues that occur after your Samsung Galaxy S6 gets exposed to water like display screen, touch screen, microphone, loudspeaker, Bluetooth and charging port. Although alcohol works wonders in repairing a damaged Galaxy S6 but it cannot fix any hardware problem resulting from exposure to water or liquids.

Keep Your Samsung Galaxy with Lots of Care

Repairs or replacement become necessary when the speaker or microphone of your Samsung Galaxy S6 starts cracking and no sound can be heard. Some issues also result due to dropping of your phone like hardware damage of your power button due to which your Samsung Galaxy S6 will not turn on or off. The home button can also stop working due to general wear and tear or after the phone falls down. A camera repair can fix the problem when your Samsung Galaxy S6 takes blurred pictures. Other repairs that can be conducted are vibration mode repair, headphone jack repair, earphone repair and volume control repair. A Samsung Galaxy S6 on the whole is certainly a great phone to possess if you can keep it with lots of care. If it gets damaged by chance, better take it to professional repairing service such as MobilesRepairs4U to receive quality repairs.