Are you planning to purchase a new high-end mobile phone? The smartphone market is buzzing with the latest models, features and offers these days. It can prove to be really daunting and confusing. Amongst all the confusion, two companies that continue to rule the mobile phone market are Apple and Samsung. The recent launches by both the companies- Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9- have taken users by storm. Both are pretty much the same phone, providing almost the same features with a major price difference. So, we thought of taking a look at both these phones and tell you why you are probably better off avoiding expensive iPhone X and going for the feature-rich Samsung Galaxy S9.

What to Do When Your iPhone Screen Gets Cracked?

So you have broken your iPhone screen by mistakenly dropping it on a hard surface and now you are going to get sick of it and going to have to replace it. So, where should you go? Going to an Apple Store might be the obvious choice; It is a trusted company and extremely helpful, but surprisingly choosing an alternative mobile phone repair shop may be cheaper and faster. So, Go online and start searching for the reputable phone repairer to get the best iPhone screen repair or replacement services.

12 Reasons Why the Galaxy S9 Is Better Than the iPhone X

  1. Better OLED Screen Display

Though Apple iPhone X features an OLED display, the fact is that it’s not better than Samsung’s glorious OLED screens.

The OLED display on the Samsung Galaxy S9 has the same size, 5.8 inches that the iPhone X owns, but it produces more vibrant colours than the iPhone X and the contrast between light and dark parts of the screen also looks stunning.

  1. Fast Charging

Fast charging is another appealing feature of the Galaxy S9, which makes it superior to the iPhone X.

However, you can take the advantage of fast charging with iPhone X if you use a separate charging brick and cable or simply use the USB-C charger.

  1. Better Camera

No argument, the Galaxy S9’s camera can capture better pictures in low light rather than the iPhone X. It packs a powerful 12MP camera, having the capacity to widen its aperture to a whopping f/1.5-2.4, which lets you take a more bright shot even in dark situation than the iPhone X’s f/1.8 aperture.

  1. Built-in Heart Rate Monitor

Do you need to check up your heart rate regularly? Don’t have a smart watch? If so, pick up the Galaxy S9. It is also loaded with various sensors including a heart-rate monitor, which is missing in the Apple iPhone X.

  1. Fingerprint Scanner

Apple has removed the fingerprint scanner from the iPhone X and introduced the newest innovation of FaceID scanner. Though it is a good step, most of the people did not like it because it has some shortcomings. While the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S9 works perfectly and ensures maximum protection to the users.

  1. Headphone Jack

Both Samsung Galaxy S9 models have 3.5 mm headphone jacks, therefore you don’t have to own adapters and dongles for them as you need these accessories for iPhone X because Apple has eliminated headphone jack on its latest iPhone models.

  1. Android OS Offers More Features Than the iOS

The Galaxy S9 runs Android 8.0 (Oreo) that is better than the iOS 11 on the iPhone X. The Android OS offers the following features that iOS don’t:

  • You can find the well-designed notifications on the Android device rather than the iOS device.
  • You can also create stunning home screens as the Android is highly customisable.
  1. No Notches

Some people like the iPhone X notch, while others don’t like it. The notch on the top of the phone that makes the front-facing camera and FaceID sensor able to work helped Apple to give the latest model a beautiful bezel-less display.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S9 doesn’t feature notches on the screen display but it is designed with larger bezels than the iPhone X. With the narrow bezels design, it does not have an outdated look but it still looks modern and sleek.

  1. Audio Settings Make the Music Sound Better

The latest model of Samsung Galaxy has some advanced audio settings that can enhance the music sound when you use headphones. So, you can try the following audio options:

The Dolby Atmos feature: You can say it a complete booster of music that makes the phone’s sound exciting and dynamic.

The UHQ Upscaler feature: it can provide a sound quality boost to the music.

The Tube Amp Pro feature: It can give music a warmer and round sound that’s similar to classic tube amplifiers.

  1. AR Emoji

Samsung’s AR emoji feature is also much better than the Apple’s Animojis, which were featured on the iPhone X. Using AR emojis on the Galaxy S9 you can make a 3D character of an animal, Disney character or an avatar you can create by shooting a selfie on camera. That point is missing in the Animojis on the iPhone X.

  1. Different Colour Schemes

The iPhone X comes in monochromatic Silver and Space grey colour, while you can find the S9 in various colour schemes such as Coral Blue, Midnight Black, Titanium Grey, Lilac Purple, Sunrise Gold, and Burgundy Red.

Now, the choice is yours. If you love to own a high-end phone in a vibrant colour, then the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be your preference.

  1. Cheap Price

Last but not the least, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is surprisingly available at £739 and the plus model has a price of £869. Both are really cheaper than the iPhone X. Apple recently up to £1,149 for its latest X model. So, keep in mind the above-mentioned features and choose the Galaxy S9, you will save at least £300.