Samsung Galaxy S6 is a phone that is known for its quality and robustness. It is a phone that you can’t categorize as an easy to break Samsung Phone. It comes with Gorilla Glass and amazing features. The glass itself makes it difficult for you to break the screen and later get a Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement. You somehow have managed to break your phone, here is how you can fix a Samsung Broken Phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a 5.1-inch display with outstanding pixels. Its excellent screen is robust, but if you are not careful you might end up with Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement. You will love taking pictures on the phone using its 16 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. The phone is powered by 3 GB RAM and Exynos processor. It is fast and efficient and has an impressive talk-time. If you get your hands on this amazing phone, you are for sure to fall in love with it.

There are multiple reasons behind your Samsung Broken Phone. It may not turn on because the screen is completely shattered, in this case, you will need Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement. Or the problem might lie with the battery of your phone. If you are lucky, rebooting of the device might resolve the problem, but in worst case scenario, you will have to reach out to someone for fixing your Samsung Broken Phone. We are going to help you identify, it the problem can be fixed, or you have to reach out to repair shops for either Galaxy S6 battery replacement or Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement.

Samsung Broken Phone: Damaged Motherboard

If the screen is black and you are unable to turn on your Galaxy S6, the first instinct would be that something has gone wrong with the screen and you need Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement. However, there is also a possibility that it is the motherboard of your phone instead of the screen that is causing trouble. Connect your phone to PC, you might still see a blank screen, but if the motherboard is okay, your PC will show that you are connected. This way you will have to worry about just Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement.

If your PC does not recognize your phone, chances are the problem lies with the Motherboard. You will have to reach out to a good repair shop for this problem. Most repairs shops will tell you that your phone cannot be repaired, nor can your data be retrieved. If that is the case, you should give mobilerepairs4u, a call. They will be able to help you in almost every manner, ranging from Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement to repairing motherboard of your phone.

There are other ways to ensure whether it is the screen, the battery or the motherboard of the phone that is in need of repair.

Samsung broken phone

Identify Samsung Broken Phone Problem By Charging Your Phone For 15 Minutes

If your phone has stopped working, and you have not dropped it in water or on a hard surface. What you can do is connect your phone and let it charge for 15 minutes. If it is the battery that is the problem, the phone will shoot right up again. In case it is the screen, you might hear a sound or feel the vibration of the phone when you connect it to the charge. If that is the case, it means you are in need of Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement and the motherboard of your phone is intact.

Identify Samsung Broken Phone Problem By Removing Battery

Unlike many other Samsung phones, Galaxy S6 comes with a removable battery. You should remove the battery and try doing hard rest. When you remove the battery, you force the entire OS to shut down. When you insert the battery back, it boots up. Let the battery be out for about 10-20 seconds, then insert it back in. Now restart your phone, if the phone’s motherboard is okay, you will at least hear a buzz, even if the screen does not light up. Once you hear the buzz, you will know that it is the screen that is troublesome and you need to get Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement.

Identify Samsung Broken Phone Problem By Reinstalling The Firmware

Sometimes it the OS that has crashed and resulted in a blank screen. You may think that you are in need of a Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement, but in reality, you have to just reinstall the firmware. You can surf the net and follow the guidelines to download the new firmware on your phone.

Help! You Are Unable To Turn On Your Samsung Broken Phone

If the phone still remains unresponsive, despite you trying everything mentioned above. It is time that you contact professionals. Mobilerepairs4u, are the best when it comes to repairing any sort of mobile problems. May it be Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement, Galaxy S6 Battery replacement or any other related problem.

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