Samsung phones are among the best Android devices in the world. The company always comes up with some different, they did the same with Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Galaxy s6 screen replacement Edge took the smartphone screen design to a whole new level, everyone fell in love with the curved edges. Since the reason behind the success of a phone is usually the screen, its size, its style and its design. So, if something happens to that, you are in for trouble. We can assure you that getting high-end smartphones screen replaced is not going to be cheap. Especially when you get Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen replacement done, you need to have something in your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a 5.1-inches Quad HD Super AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixel. It is an impressive screen, so now you understand why Galaxy S6 screen replacement will cost you more. The phone is fast and efficient because of it’s Exynos 7420, Octa Core processor and to further enhance the speed of the phone Samsung incorporates a 3 GB RAM. Originally the phone comes with Android 5.0, but it is upgraded to the latest Android for now. The battery is also impressive, Samsung Galaxy S6 is powered by a 2550 mAh battery.

galaxy s6 screen replacement

Likewise, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes with a 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display with the same number of pixels as S6. Both screens might have the same features, but since this one is curved, it will cost you more when getting Samsung S6 Edge screen replacement done. The phone has a 1.5GHz processor with 3GB RAM. A 5 MP front camera and a 16 MP rear camera with Android 5.0 as the default OS.

Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement Battle: Aftermarket Screens Vs Original Screen

Since the modern smartphones are all about the screen. If the screen is original and of high-quality you are bound to enjoy your phone. Originally the phone does come with an outstanding quality screen, the problem starts once you somehow manage to break your screen and you have to get Galaxy S6 screen replacement.

If your Samsung S6 Edge screen replacement is not done using a good quality preferably original screens, below are the problems that you might encounter. Remember, everyone might not face every single problem, but you might come across one or the other.

Aftermarket Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement Problem 1:  Dead Pixels And Mira Lines

All the modern OLED and LCD screens have millions of pixels that combine to make up the image you see on the screen. Within these pixels, there is a set of blue, green and red subpixels. These sub-pixels that join at different levels in order for you to enjoy the numerous colors on your display. If somehow the subpixels start acting up, the pixel in which these subpixels resides may end up getting stuck on one color, thus resulting in dead pixels. This problem is very common in cheap and inexpensive LCDs.

What are you to do?

If the screen used for your Samsung S6 Edge screen replacement or Galaxy S6 screen replacement is not original, there is a possibility that you might face this problem. What you have to do is get back to the repair shop and check with them. They probably would have to replace it for you.

Aftermarket Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement Problem 2: Horrible Colors, Almost Like Black And White

Once you get your phone back after getting the replacement done, and you see that the screen has horrible colors, it is almost like black and White. It is because, at the time of Galaxy S6 screen replacement, the repair people used a bad quality screen. This usually happens when you tend to look for a cheap alternative something under 50 bucks. So, we highly recommend that you don’t have the budget at the moment, deal with a broken screen especially when it is working fine. Getting your Samsung S6 Edge screen replacement done using a cheap screen is going to be more troublesome.

What are you to do?

First thing first, you need to add up a little more to your budget. Wait for a few days. Then instead of experimenting on your own and buying it online from eBay, or Amazon, we suggest you reach out to a good repair shop such as mobilerepairs4u. Their experts will handle everything to perfection, they are not going to cost you a lot, but the parts used by them are going to be of high-quality. If you get your Samsung S6 Edge screen replacement done by them, you will have a minimum of one year warranty with it.

Aftermarket Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement Problem 3: Lesser Degree Of Viewing Angle

In lame man terms, a viewing angle is the maxi angle at which you can see your phone with good visual performance. When you get a screen replaced, there is a possibility that the colors are fine, you don’t have dead pixel issues, the touch quality is perfect, but you might have the viewing angle problem. Most of the cheap and inexpensive screens tend to have this problem.

What are you to do?

If you paid a good amount for your Samsung S6 Edge screen replacement, and you are having a viewing angle problem we suggest you take it right back to the people who repaired them. Although many users don’t notice this much, hence they let it be. But if you face the problem, you need to get it repaired.

Aftermarket Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement Problem 4: LCD Leaks


This is mostly due to the reason that the people whom you contacted for Galaxy S6 screen replacement did not do a good job. By good job we do not mean the inexpensive screen, yes that is one reason, but mainly it is because of the labor. They did not replace the screen properly. The leak might or might not extend to everywhere on the screen.

What are you to do?

There are two possibilities, you can either do the Samsung S6 Edge screen replacement or Galaxy S6 screen replacement on your own this time If you don’t think this will work for you, you then have to get in touch with the repair service people. Only they will be able to resolve this issue.