Time and again we tend to hear reports regarding the “Camera Failed” error on numerous Samsung devices. Often people believe that because of this error, they have to get their Samsung camera repairs. What they fail to understand is a software solution can resolve this error. The error seems to be common in Samsung S7, S7 Edge, along with a couple of other variants of Samsung. The main focus of this article will be to prevent users getting either Galaxy S7 camera replacement and Galaxy S7 Edge camera repairs done. But this does not mean that these tricks will not work for other variants of Samsung. You can give it a shot, and we are pretty hopeful that they will do the job.

When looking at a phone, one of the most prominent features is the camera. Samsung S series are known for their outstanding camera quality, Galaxy S7 has 12 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. S7 Edge has 5.5-inch screen whereas S7 has a 5.1-inch display screen.  Both Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have Snapdragon 820 Quad-core processor with a 4GB RAM. All and all both phones are impressive in their own way.

Save The Cost Of Samsung Camera Repairs By Checking Out These Solutions For Camera Failed Error

Some of these solutions might take time, you make sure that you are ready to spend that. Also, it is important that your phone is charged, a low battery level often causes the camera to get stuck, which then results in you thinking of Samsung camera repairs. So, without any further delays let’s get down to the solutions that you will you save money by not getting the Samsung camera repairs done.

Samsung Camera Repairs

Save Yourself From Galaxy S7 Camera Replacement Or Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Repairs

Getting Samsung camera repairs are often expensive especially when you have high-end phones. Try the solutions in the order they are mentioned, and we are sure you will be saved the Samsung camera repair cost.

Samsung Camera Repairs – Restart Your Phone

Of course, the first thing that will hit your mind is to restart your S7 or S7 Edge. Many a times, restarting the device does tend to resolve the issue. Reason being the problem is due to a random bug in either the camera app or any other app using the camera. Restarting your phone might resolve this problem, and help you avoid Galaxy S7 Camera replacement or Galaxy S7 Edge camera repairs.

Samsung Camera Repairs- Clear The Cache And Data

If restarting doesn’t work, the next step is not to get Galaxy S7 Edge camera repairs done. There is still time or that. For now, we suggest you clear the Cache and data of your phone. Doing this might resolve the problem and thus prevent the worst solution i.e. Galaxy S7 camera replacement. To do this, head to Settings, from there to Application, Application Manager and tap on the Camera app. After this, look for Force Stop and tap on it. Now go to Storage Menu and clear the Data as well as the Cache.

Samsung Camera Repairs- Wipe The Cache Partition To Prevent Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Replacement

Clearing the Camera Cache and Data didn’t do the trick, you still don’t have to get Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge camera repairs done. There is still the option of wiping out the Cache partition. To do this, switch off your phone. Now press the Volume up button along with the Power Button and the Home button. Keep pressing these buttons until you see the Samsung Logo on the screen. The phone will now enter the recovery mode. From here, you will have to use the Volume button to navigate and the Power button to select. Scroll down to Wipe Cache Partition option and select it. Once this is done, restart your phone.

Samsung Camera Repairs-  The Smart Stay Might Be The Problem After All

There are some users who claim that it was Smart Stay all along. There was no need for their Galaxy S7 Edge camera repairs, all they had to do was turn off the Smart Stay.  As it turns out that smart stay is already using the front camera to detect whether you are looking at the screen or not. So, when you try to use the back camera as well, it tends to give you the error. You been You, think that Galaxy S7 camera replacement is in need. Head to your phone Settings, from there you need to turn off the Smart Stay.

Samsung Camera Repairs- Keep Your Software Up To Date

Turning off Smart Stay is a temporary fix and it might prevent Galaxy S7 camera replacement for a time being, but you need something permanent.  Samsung says that to avoid these kinds of issues and to save the cost of getting Galaxy S7 Edge Camera repairs, you should keep your phone up to date. The new software tends to come with the solutions for bugs present in the old version. So, to be on the safe Side we suggest you do this.

Samsung Camera Repairs- Remove Your Memory Card And See If You Still Need Galaxy S7 Camera Replacement

You can’t image how many people have used this method and it has worked for them. All they had to do was remove the memory card, use their camera app and insert the card right back in. Although, there are some who said that once we insert the memory card back, we tend to face the problem again, but for most this tip did do the trick.

Samsung Camera Repairs – Factory Reset To Prevent Getting Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Repairs

This is the second last resort, but if nothing works, you might as well give this one a shot before heading to a repair shop for Galaxy S7 camera replacement. To factory reset, go to Settings, from there you need to look for the Backup and Reset option. Once you find it tap on it and under it, you select the Factory Data Reset option. Now find and select Device reset, lastly, tap on Erase everything. Once the phone starts hopefully the problem will be gone.

Samsung Camera Repairs- Get Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Repaired Or Galaxy S7 Camera Replacement Done

This is the last choice you have, either to go Samsung support center and get your phone’s camera repaired or replaced, or you should head to a good third-party repair shop such as mobilerepairs4u. They are known for their outstanding services. They will get your Galaxy S7 camera repaired in no time and within very little budget. Also, their repairs will come with a warranty.