Getting your Samsung Battery replacement or Smartphone Battery is among the biggest concerns of Android users. After all, when you spend hundreds of dollars on high-end phones like Galaxy S7 and S6, you would not like to spend another few hundred to get either Galaxy S7 Battery Replacement or Galaxy S6 battery repairs done. You would want them to run as smoothly as possible.

Although, both S7 and S6 are powerful devices as they come with a 5.1-inch display screen. Galaxy S7 has a 4 GB RAM along with a Snapdragon 820, whereas Galaxy S6 has 3 GB RAM and Exynos Octa-core processor. In terms of camera, S7 has a 5 MP front and a 12 MP back camera. S6, on the other hand, has better cameras, it comes with 5 MP front and 16 MP back. Both phones are also powered by strong batteries, Samsung S7 has a 3,000 mAh battery and Samsung S6 has 2,550 mAh battery. Despite having strong batteries, you might have to get Galaxy S7 battery replacement or Galaxy S6 battery repairs done. Although, you might be able to avoid this if you calibrate your smartphone’s battery.

Prevent Samsung Battery Replacement or Smartphone Battery – How To Identify If The Battery Is The Problem?

The first thing that you need to do is check if the fault is with the calibration system of the phone or with the battery itself. We will talk about more about the Android system’s calibration. Before that, you need to inspect your battery instead of jumping to the conclusion that you are in need to Galaxy S7 battery replacement.

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To check your battery and to prevent undue Galaxy S6 battery repairs, we suggest you remove the battery cover. Then switch off your phone and remove the battery if possible. If you are checking your Galaxy S6, you will be able to remove the battery, but Galaxy S7 comes with a non-removable battery. Inspect the battery thoroughly, check for any leaks or bulges. If the battery does not sit flat on the table, it means something is wrong with it and you will have to get a Galaxy S7 battery replacement or Galaxy S6 battery repairs done.

Prevent Samsung Battery Replacement – Is There A Need To Calibrating S7/S6’s Battery?

Once you know it is not the battery that is causing the problem, you can proceed ahead. Although, if you still face the problem after calibrating it, it means it might be the battery after all. So, we suggest you reach out to any good repair shop such as mobilerepairs4u for Samsung battery replacement or smartphone battery . It is imperative to take an expert opinion before you get Galaxy S7 battery replacement done. After all, you cannot take a risk with a phone as expensive as Samsung S6 and S7.

There is a possibility that the problem might be with the charging port or there is a virus that is causing the battery to drain quickly. If you believe that the above reasons are the not cause of the problem, then we do suggest you opt for Samsung battery replacement.

Prevent Samsung Battery Replacement – What Is Calibrating Your Smartphone Battery?

Every Android has an inbuilt Battery Stats feature in it. This feature basically keeps track of the battery’s capacity i.e. is it full or empty? The problem arises when Battery Stats feature displays wrong information, this can lead to other battery problems. The phone might shut up before it reaches 0% making you think that you are in need of Samsung battery replacement.

When you calibrate your S6/S7’s battery, it means that you are making the OS use the information that is in accord with the battery levels instead of the incorrect data. What you need to understand here is that you can’t actually calibrate the battery itself as it is a cell that stores and uses power. Although to prevent deep discharging and over-charging, the Lithium-ion batteries do come with a PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

Prevent Samsung Battery Replacement – The Myth Of Lithium-Ion Batteries

If you believe that these Lithium-ion batteries have memory, you are wrong. It is the Android OS that is responsible for the displaying the current condition of the battery. So, even if you get Galaxy S6 battery repairs or Galaxy S7 battery replacement done with a faulty calibration,  there is a possibility that you still face the problem of battery drainage.

Prevent Samsung Battery Replacement or smartphone battery – How To Calibrate Non-Rooted Samsung Galaxy S6/S7’s Battery

Below are the steps that you teach you how to calibrate Non-Rooted Samsung Galaxy S6/S7’ battery.

  1. You need to discharge your phone to an extent that it gets turned off itself.
  2. Switch on the phone again and wait till it gets turned off again.
  3. Now charge your phone and do not turn it off until you see the indicator stating 100 percent battery.
  4. Remove the charger of your phone.
  5. Switch on your phone, it is a possible that the battery indicator does not say 100% charge, you need to connect your phone to the charger again. But keep it on and wait till it says 100 percent battery.
  6. Now remove the charger and restart your device. When it is back on, check if it claims of 100 percent battery, if it does not plug in the charger again. Wait till you see 100% battery on screen.
  7. Repeat this cycle until you are able to see 100 percent charge when you turn your phone off and back on.
  8. Once this is done, the next step to prevent Samsung battery replacement or smartphone battery  is that you let the phone die on its own again.
  9. After this charge your phone from 0 to 100 without turning it on. Do this for the last time.
  10. Once your phone is fully charged, turn it on and you have reset the battery percentage system.


After you calibrate your phone’s battery, if you still face the issue it means the problem is something else. You might have to get Samsung battery replacement done. If this resolves the problem, it does not mean that you do try this out on regular basis. You can do this process once in 3-4 months, not before that.