If your Samsung charger is not able to charge your phone’s battery properly, do not immediately assume the worst i.e. either you are in need to a new Samsung charger or you need to get Galaxy S6 battery replacement done. Most of the times, the problem is less severe than what you think. After having a look at the fixes below, there is a high possibility that you might not have to get a new Samsung Charger or Galaxy S6 battery replacement done.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is an outstanding phone, it comes with a 5.1 Quad HD Super AMOLED display with an Octa-Core processor and 3 GB RAM. If you are looking for a phone that takes professional pictures, S6 is your best shot. It comes with 16 MP back camera and 5 MP front camera. It also has a powerful battery and an impressive talk time.

Why Isn’t My Samsung Charger Charging My Phone Properly?

The problem occurs in different degrees. When plugged into an original Samsung Charger, either your phone will charge very slowly, or it won’t charge at all. These are among the common complains, so below are the solution to prevent Galaxy S6 battery replacement.

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How To Fix A Samsung Charger That Is Not Charging Your Galaxy S6

USB Port Fix – Do It Yourself

We believe this to be the quickest and best possible solution for the charging problem. Often the metallic surfaces inside a microUSB Samsung Charger and the USB port of your phone do not make good contact, and because of that, the phone does not charge. This in result makes you think that either something is wrong with your Samsung charger, or you are in need of Galaxy S6 battery replacement. But trust us, 8 out of 10 times this fix has resolved the problem.

What you have to do is shut down your S6. After that, take thing small like a lever up or a toothpick. Slowly tap inside of USB port of your S6. Do not apply too much pressure, once done, restart your phone. If it is nothing serious, your same Samsung charger will start charging your phone.


2. Remove Dust to make sure that Samsung Charger works properly

Keeping your phone in your pocket for too long can be a reason behind your Samsung charger not working correctly. Dust and debris from your Levis jeans can be the cause of the trouble. A compressed air can blow out can resolve this solution, it will get your Samsung charger to start charging your S6 in no time.


3. Switch Cables Of Samsung Charger

The flimsiest part of Samsung Charger is the cable and not the adaptor. Samsung cables do have a tough life, but it does not mean that they are undamageable. You can substitute a random USB cable with the one that came with your phone. If it was the cable that was making you think of Galaxy S6 battery replacement, you no longer need it. Try different cables to find the one that is troublesome.

4. Look For A Dodgy Samsung Charger

If the charging cable is not the problem, the next step is to look for the dodgy adapter. This is an important when where you can remove the charging cable. Many a time, you come across problems where USB port becomes a little lose, and your phone does not charge properly. Try the same Samsung charger with its cable on another device, this way you will know if it is the charger, the phone that is troublesome.

5. Is It Time For Samsung Galaxy S6 Replacement?

Batteries don’t last forever. After some time, they struggle to hold the charge, the more you will charge them, they sooner they will discharge. If something went wrong with your S6 battery after 6 months, it means it was faulty. You should claim for free Galaxy S6 battery replacement. However, if the battery stops working after a couple of years, it means you now need to get Galaxy S6 battery replacement done.

6. Plug In Your Samsung Charger In The Right Source

If your phone is charging slowly, it for does mean that your Samsung charger is faulty. It can also mean that you are not using the right source to charge your phone. We suggest you use a wall socket instead of charging your S6 using your laptop or PC. A wall socket can deliver up to 5 times more power when compared to the laptop or PC charging.

If the wall charger isn’t working correctly, make sure that it is for your S6 and not any other device. For instance, an iPhone does not charge well with a Samsung charger.

7. Updating Old Devices

The new phones are optimized in a manner that they take advantage of a software update, but if you have something older than 3 years we believe update can be a source behind your phone not getting charged properly. As the phone struggles to charge and retain its charging, you might think that your Samsung charger is faulty, or you need Galaxy S6 battery replacement. But all you need is a downgrade. This is true only if you see a mark difference in performance after and before the update.


8. Switch Off Your Galaxy S6

Battery charging depends upon your usage of the phone while you have plugged in your Samsung charger. If you are using Skype with 100 percent brightness, it is going to take longer than usual to charge your battery. The fastest way to charge your phone is either to turn it off or enable the airplane mode.

9. How Checking Battery Pack’s Voltage And Amperage Prevent Galaxy S6 Battery Replacement

Download a good Amperage app from Google Play Store on your S6. Open the app and connect your Samsung charger to your phone. The interface will go green indicating that current is passing. You will see the text “Measuring” at the top of the interface. If nothing happens it means no current is being passed and it is the Charger that is troublesome. Thus, you don’t need the battery replacement.