If you have a cracked screen on an Apple iPhone 5s and need to do something quickly, your first impulse might be to purchase a new iPhone. Is it a wise solution to go for? Are you seriously upset you feel like throwing out your beloved iPhone 5s? Such a move would be awful on a number of levels. You are extremely satisfied and happy by examining the iPhone screen repair possibilities. Everything from an Apple iPhone 5s screen repair to front glass replacement and digitizer repair is possible, so don’t get rattled. A professional iPhone repair centre can give a fast and affordable solution to make your iPhone last for longer.

Before going to discuss how to get an iPhone 5s screen replaced or repaired, you should know something about this masterpiece of Apple Inc. and the common problems that people experience with their iPhone 5s.

Apple iPhone 5s- The World’s First 64-bit Smartphone

The Apple iPhone 5s is the best iPhone yet, and also the world’s first 64-bit smartphone that owns an achievement with Touch ID, a fingerprint identity sensor. The profoundly designed appearance of the iPhone 5s gives it a unique and modish style that looks and feels expensive. The standout feature of the Apple iPhone 5s design is the new Retina Display, a 4- inches with 640 x 1136 PPI touchscreen that provides the clearest, most detailed screen of any Apple iPhone.

Though iPhone 5s is a one-of-its-kind smartphone, you should not forget that your precious handset is highly sensitive and breakable. Being made of delicate materials that can break at the slightest impact against a hard surface, your iPhone 5s is highly prone to damage. In fact, your iPhone’s glass screen is the most sensitive part and therefore, it needs to be taken care of.

Apple iPhone 5s Screen Replacement- Common Problems With an iPhone 5s

Broken or cracked screen is one of the most common problems that people experience with their iPhone 5s. No matter how cautious you are, it is quite impossible to avoid the general wear and tear that usually leads this sort of problem. For example, if you drop your beloved iPhone 5s only to pick it up and find out that the screen of your phone is cracked into many pieces.

At that moment, you need to go for . But to minimise the iPhone 5s Screen Replacement Cost, you can consider a do-it-yourself iPhone repair. In do-it-yourself repair process, you have to purchase a replacement screen with best-suited repairing tools and then you can install a new screen to your phone by following a video tutorial on YouTube.


Finding a replacement screen of Apple iPhone 5s is generally pretty easy as you can find it on different online stores like eBay and Amazon at reasonable prices. However, it is quite important to know that it’s extremely risky because you are not a mobile repairing expert. A single little mistake can damage your phone forever. So, you should use this option at last and try to fix your iPhone screen from Apple store or a professional iPhone Screen Repair service provider.

There are some other potential problems that you may face when it comes to your iPhone 5s; for instance, you may need to replace the motherboard, buttons, speakers, battery, or antenna cover. Like screen replacement, you can also fix all of these issues with the help of do-it-yourself kits. But I recommend you should look for a specialised iPhone repair service provider.

The 2 Best Ways for Apple iPhone 5s Screen Replacement

Here I am discussing the 2 best ways for iPhone 5s screen replacement that will restore your iPhone to an excellent working condition. Take a look at these;

  • Visit an Apple Store for Apple iPhone 5s Screen Replacement

The first option that you can consider is the Apple Store, hence it is an expensive option. The technicians at the Apple Stores will carefully repair or replace the screen of your iPhone 5s and bring it back to life. The replacement parts that Apple store provides are also priced very high. In case your iPhone 5s is not under warranty, the bill amount for the iPhone screen repair or replacement would be incredibly high.

Well, don’t worry if you have a limited budget for Apple iPhone 5s Screen Replacement. We have a cheap but trustworthy option for you.   

  • Go For an Online Authorised iPhone Screen Repair Centre

For a cost-effective solution, opting for a professional iPhone screen repair centre is crucial. These mobile repairing places in contrast to the Apple stores do not attempt to disturb your regular budget as they charge very reasonable iPhone 5s screen replacement cost.

When you visit them, their skilled iPhone repair specialists examine your handset and describe if the damaged screen needs repair or complete replacement. Generally, screen replacements are done when the damage is major. In case the screen has web-like cracks or gets shattered entirely, the replacement becomes very necessary to rescue your iPhone. This is because the small glass pieces inside the iPhone can cause permanent damage to the handset. Further, with the damaged or broken screen, most of the apps also stop working.

Therefore, if your iPhone 5s screen is broken or damaged, you must look for the top-rated iPhone repair centre online such as Mobile Repair 4 U. They can quickly replace the touchscreen, digitiser, and front glass of your iPhone using original replacement parts. They apply very cheap charges for their services that you can afford happily.

Last Words

One point to bear in mind before you start searching for an iPhone screen repair centre is to always go for a place that is registered and has authentic customer care feedback. If you are satisfied on that count, make sure whether the mobile repairing shop deals with your iPhone model. A repair shop that specialises in iPhone repairs can serve you the best for Apple iPhone 5s screen replacement.