Are you thinking about buying a mobile phone and the android phones are on your list? If so, you must check out these 3 reasons of considering an Apple iPhone SE. Screen size and unique design, iPhone Screen Repair and value retention, and iOS user-experience are 3 key reasons that make iPhone SE one-of-its-kind iPhone and encourage people to own this small iPhone. I am sure they will change your mind and you will ready to get an iPhone SE rather than an android.Before explaining these 3 reasons in details, you must know something interesting about iPhone SE.

Apple iPhone SE- A Smart Choice for those Who Desire a Small iPhone

In the smartphone era as we all know that everyone is tempted to go for the latest in today’s technology. This is why larger display technology is continuously evolving and manufacturers are producing large-size touchscreen display for their all products. Like many other brands, Apple also follows this trend and create bigger and bigger iPhones. However, the Apple Inc. totally bucks the trend in case of iPhone SE. This is a phone that is small in package but contains bug features. It is easy to use with one hand and easily fit into a pocket.

Powered by a pretty nifty Dual-core 1.84 GHz Twister processor and owning a small capacitive LED-backlit IPS LCD, the Apple iPhone is quite an impressive little device. It boasts a very responsive 4.00-inch touchscreen and utilises the highly ambitious 16M colours with 640 x 1136 pixels of resolution. The iPhone SE is also equipped with a digital camera, GPS and fingerprint sensor and additional features that can offer a great user experience.

3 Reasons to Choose an iPhone SE Over an Android Smartphone

Now I am going to discuss the reasons for why you should consider Apple iPhone SE over an Android smartphone. Have a look at these and get encouraged to own this tiny iPhone!

Reason #1: Screen Size and Unique Design

The android touchscreens are big, while the iPhone SE is quite small. In terms of touchscreen and design, the iPhone SE is same as an iPhone 5s in a new package.

The Apple iPhone SE is crafted from the same bead-blasted aluminum body offering users with a smooth finish as the iPhone 5s. It weights a competitive 113g with 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm dimensions, it is one of the smallest and light-weight iPhones. Where the Apple has done an excellent job is in keeping the display as small as possible. The screen on the iPhone SE is the same as the iPhone s5, 4in on the diagonal with the same brightness and quality colours. Through this screen size, users can comfortably reach the entire screen during one-handed use.

Reason #2: iOS Gives Better User-Experience than Android OS

There is no doubt, the Android operating system is really a great operating system. But, it lacks the same level of the user experience of the iPhone. The iPhone is intuitive as you can use it like-a-pro minutes after you get hands on the iPhone. Like many other iPhone models, iPhone SE provides a great user experience as it runs iOS 9.3.2 and is upgradable to iOS 11.2. I assure you will definitely love this tiny masterpiece of Apple.

Reason #3: iPhone Screen Repair and Value Retention

Many of mobile users don’t care about their phone retaining value when they consider buying an android phone. Maybe it is just a low enough and at that time you regret what you don’t consider. So, what about the iPhone? Apple iPhones have great retaining value. The iPhone SE also has some value at the time of sale. That’s why it’s worth to consider buying the Apple iPhone SE.

Further, if you consider iPhone SE repair, it is good to hear that this iPhone is extremely repairable. No doubt iPhones are made of quality software and hardware components but they are likely to damage or breakable. Any sudden accident or mistake can lead a little or some serious fault on your device. For instance, you drop your iPhone SE on a hard surface by mistake and the screen of your handset gets damaged. In that case, you can contact a professional iPhone Screen repair service provider to get reliable iPhone SE screen replacement service to restore your handset into a working condition.

iPhone SE Screen Replacement /Repair – A Lifeline to Rescue Your iPhone SE

Like other iPhone models, the screen of the iPhone SE is the most obvious part to take care when you use it. There are many ways for this screen to get cracked or damaged. Many times, it cracks when you drop the iPhone on the ground by mistake. It can also suffer a damage if you fall it into the water, coffee or any other liquid. In that situations, it is recommended that you should get in touch with a professional iPhone Screen repair service provider rather than trying to do it yourself. You can fix it on your own by watching tutorials and using quality replacement parts and advanced repairing tools. However, it can be risky and a single mistake can dead your iPhone SE.

This is why, you should look for a reputable iPhone Screen repair centre that can guarantee to offer standard iPhone SE screen replacement or repair service at an affordable price. Mobile Repairs 4U is a trusted name in the UK mobile repairing industry, so you can consider it to bring your iPhone SE back to life.