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Repairs Complete Repair Solutions Including

  • Cracked Screen
  • Liquid Damage
  • Power / Battery Issue
  • Speaker Problem
  • Microphone Faults
  • Signal / Wifi Issues
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Huawei Phone Repair

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Huawei Tablet Repair

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Our Mobile Repair Lab is equipped with up-to-date tools and technology. Our experienced and trained technicians will diagnose the correct fault before using Original / grade A parts to restore your back to full working order. We do all type of repairs including

Some of the most common repairs we do include:

  • screen repairs / screen replacements (repairing smashed/cracked screens and LCD display problems)
  • Charging port repairs
  • Broken button repairs/replacements (home, power, volume buttons)
  • Battery repairs/replacements
  • Sound repairs (earpiece, microphone, loudspeaker)
  • Battery repairs/replacements
  • Sound repairs (earpiece, microphone, loudspeaker)
  • Broken camera repairs

We repair all models of the Apple iPhone range. To book a repair, simply select your model above.

We offer 3 types of repair service:

Express while you wait – MobileRepairs4U is the UK’s favorite Walk in phone Repair Center. Where you can book appointment to get your repair done while you wait.

Walk in Repairs – MobileRepairs4U is the UK’s best Walk in phone Repair Company. Our expert iPhone repair technicians will repair the device or iPhone/iPad same day you will drop in.

Mail-in Repairs – For a more cost-effective iPhone repair option, you can also send your device to our Repair Center in London, where we will repair it within 24-48 hours and return it by next day insure courier. Most of our iPhone repairs come with a 12-months warranty, giving you complete peace of mind. To book a repair, simply select your model above, or for technical assistance, please contact our expert customer service team today on 0203 802 6949. MobileRepairs4U have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the UK on independent review site Trust Pilot.

Repair All Major Devices

Huawei Phones offer a wide range of smartphones with many functions and capabilities with inbuilt complex machinery. This complex machinery and advanced technology usually come for a price and customers get faults and damages which are beyond their understanding and fixing capability. But worry not as skilled technicians at MobileRepairs4U can do a comprehensive and high-quality Huawei Phone Repairs for you. We have a team of highly experienced and trained staff/technicians who can take care of all your Huawei Phone Repair requirements.

Ordering Huawei Phone Repairs

Do not worry as our procedures are easy to follow. Simply go to our website and do the following procedure:

  • - Select model of your Huawei Phone.
  • - Select the type of fault from a given list if you know what exactly is wrong with your mobile. This option will also tell you how much you have to pay for a specific fault.
  • - If you are not sure about the nature of fault, simply go for our Diagnose Service option.
  • - You can also click Question mark as the last option which means that you are not sure about the fault and you have subscribed for diagnostic service. In this mode, no price is given and customer care center will automatically contact you with quoted price after having made the diagnosis.
  • - Fill out your personal information and pay for the repair you have selected.
  • - As you successfully place your order, we confirm it to you through email which has a Postal Label Link where you will send us your phone. (postal charges will be paid by us)


Types of Huawei Phone Repair Services

We offer following three types of Huawei Phone repair services:


-          Express while you wait – Deposit your mobile with our technician after booking an appointment and wait while your Huawei Phone Repair is being done.

-          Walk in Repairs – Drop your phone with one of our technicians who will make sure that your mobile phone is repaired on the same day. We are the best walk in Repair center in UK

-          Mail-in Repairs – Send your phone through courier to our Repair center in London which is the best and cost effective option. We shall repair your device and return it through courier within 1 to 2 days time.

The Most Common Faults of Huawei Phone

Here we have broadly categorized Huawei Phone repairs into six different types which are as follows:

-          Mechanical damage

-          SIM card malfunction

-          Network connection problems

-          Functional issues

-          Software malfunction

-          Liquid damage (warranty not applicable in this case).


At MobileRepairs4U, we cover whole range of models offered by Huawei, be it any model, make or year and country of manufacture. Sometimes it is not possible to repair a faulty part and in that case, we replace the faulty part with verified and tested part to ensure best quality of repair.

Diagnostic Service for Huawei Phone Repairs

For most of the customers, it is usually very difficult to exactly identify the problem while placing an order for Huawei Phone repair. We have even solved this problem and you can simply choose our full diagnostic service which means that a detailed and professional diagnostic procedure will be carried out at our facility in London by a highly qualified team of technicians. It is easy to understand that only an expert technician with relevant experience and necessary equipment can correctly and quickly diagnose the actual fault in your phone. Correct diagnosis is also necessary for ensuring that only relevant part is replaced with original/Grade A parts in a way that you get back your mobile in working condition. Also, the reliability of our repair is dependent upon correct diagnosis as wrong diagnosis can temporarily fix problem of your mobile. The diagnostic service is also important to ascertain the time and service cost required for a specific repair.

Warranty and No Fix No Fee Policy

Most of our Huawei Phone repairs come with warranty (Please check details of warranty offered on product page). In case, your mobile gets out of order during the period of warranty, we are responsible for a free repair of your phone. It is also important that we apply no fix no fee policy for cases where you send your mobile and we are unable to identify/fix the fault. We shall refund all money while returning your device in this case.

We provide high-quality services to our clients and offer whole range of diagnostic and repair solutions. We have a bigger team of highly skilled technicians and engineers who specialize in Huawei Phone repairs. We ensure the highest quality of diagnostic and repair services which we make possible by using advanced technology and superior replacement parts. No fix no fee policy and warranty are the salient features of our unique service and these factors enable us to be called the best Huawei Phone repair service provider in the market.

We repair all makes & models

Including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony, LG and more. Whatever make and model your phone or tablet is, our expert engineers can repair it. CONTACT US today for a quote.