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12 Months Warranty

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Repairs Complete Repair Solutions Including

  • Cracked Screen
  • Liquid Damage
  • Power / Battery Issue
  • Speaker Problem
  • Microphone Faults
  • Signal / Wifi Issues
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Our Mobile Repair Lab is equipped with up-to-date tools and technology. Our experienced and trained technicians will diagnose the correct fault before using Original / grade A parts to restore your back to full working order. We do all type of repairs including

Some of the most common repairs we do include:

  • screen repairs / screen replacements (repairing smashed/cracked screens and LCD display problems)
  • Charging port repairs
  • Broken button repairs/replacements (home, power, volume buttons)
  • Battery repairs/replacements
  • Sound repairs (earpiece, microphone, loudspeaker)
  • Battery repairs/replacements
  • Sound repairs (earpiece, microphone, loudspeaker)
  • Broken camera repairs

We repair all models of the Apple iPhone range. To book a repair, simply select your model above.

We offer 3 types of repair service:

Express while you wait – MobileRepairs4U is the UK’s favorite Walk in phone Repair Center. Where you can book appointment to get your repair done while you wait.

Walk in Repairs – MobileRepairs4U is the UK’s best Walk in phone Repair Company. Our expert iPhone repair technicians will repair the device or iPhone/iPad same day you will drop in.

Mail-in Repairs – For a more cost-effective iPhone repair option, you can also send your device to our Repair Center in London, where we will repair it within 24-48 hours and return it by next day insure courier. Most of our iPhone repairs come with a 12-months warranty, giving you complete peace of mind. To book a repair, simply select your model above, or for technical assistance, please contact our expert customer service team today on 0203 802 6949. MobileRepairs4U have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the UK on independent review site Trust Pilot.

Repair All Major Devices

iPhone and iPad Repairs United Kingdom

Apple iPhones are popular smartphones which combine several technically advanced devices in only one. Working capabilities of these phones are complex and reliable but like every other modern gadget, they are not immune to faults and damages. At MobileRepairs4U, a leading and highest rated iPad screen repair, iPhone repair center, we offer complete Apple iPhone repairs with up-to-date tools and technology implemented by trained and experienced technicians. Our service covers all models of Apple phones from series 4 to the newest model of iPhone 7.


Ordering Apple iPhone Repairs

To get your Apple iPhone repaired you need to take two simple steps while you are on our website:

1. Select your model
2.  Select from our menu the fault if you are sure which exactly it is but if you are not, you better choose the Diagnose Service option.

In both cases, our complete Apple iPhone repair and iPad Air screen replacement service will be provided within the timescale of 24 to 48 hours depending on the malfunction difficulty. If you have troubles by booking a repair do not hesitate to contact Technical Support, our expert customer service team on 0203 802 6949. See for yourself why MobileRepairs4U have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the UK on independent review site Trust Pilot.

Types of Apple iPhone Repair Services

Three types of Apple iPhone repair services are available at MobileRepairs4U:

1) Express while you wait – If you prefer waiting while your Apple iPhone repair is being processed, you can schedule an appointment.
2) Walk in Repairs – In this case, you decide to drop in and be sure that our expert iPhone smashed screen and Apple iPad repair technicians will carry out Apple iPhone, iPad repair on the same day. MobileRepairs4U is considered the UK’s most favorite Walk in phone Repair Centre providing thousands of customers with quality service.
3) Mail-in Repairs – Our Repair Centre in London is authorized for Apple iPhone, iPad repairs and known as the most cost-effective option. Your device can be sent and repaired within one to two days and returned it by next day courier. 


The most common faults of Apple iPhone could be divided into 6 groups:

  1. 1) Mechanical damage on the outside of iPhone, (broken screen, cracked front glass or rear-cover of the device, charging port damage, broken or stuck buttons, broken front or back camera)
  2. 2) Functional faults (touch screen issues, power or battery problems, sounds and volume irregularities including loudspeaker and microphone, earpiece and headphone)
  3. 3) Software malfunction (screen’s freezing, unable to deliver messages to multiple contacts, red screen)
  4. 4) Network connection nuisances (no service or searching, problem with wireless connections)
  5. 5) SIM card problems (SIM card failure or other error messages at random times) and
  6. 6) Liquid damage (it is not covered by the Apple warranty and it can perform serious issues).


MobileRepairs4U offers complete Apple iPhone repairs solutions to the fault or malfunction of every Apple iPhone, iPad model. Faulty parts can be repaired and if that is not possible replaced with a quality original and pre-tested replacement parts. The problem will be fixed in the way that device has been fully reinstated to working condition.

Diagnostic Service for Apple iPhone Repairs

It is not the uncommon case that you cannot easily define the problem with your Apple phone. However, you can lean on full Diagnostic Service of MobileRepairs4U, which means a professional examination of the device by highly experienced technicians carrying out reliable iPhone screen replacement and iPad Repairs UK. Only professional detailed checkout with Lab equipment can diagnose the fault which could not be recognized immediately by the user. The correct fault diagnosis is necessary before using original/Grade A parts to reinstate the device to full working condition. The future duration of the device depends on proper diagnosis and reliable iPhone battery repair and mini iPad screen repair. The role of the Diagnostic Service is also to estimate whether the Apple iPhone is repairable or it is not, as well as to evaluate costs of the potential repair service.
Looking for a professional broken iPhone screen repair? MobileRepairs4U is a one-stop shop for your iPhone screen fix serving discerning customers like you with the best iPhone screen repair service.


Where Can I Fix My iPad Screen?

ipad screen

MobileRepairs4U is a trusted name in iPad repairs serving customers with the cost-effective and reliable replacement screen for iPad. Our experienced and highly trained technicians have the right knowledge of every single component of broken iPad screen. The industry experts at MobileRepairs4U replace iPad screen using the right tools and equipment so that they achieve the desired result.  


Warranty and No Fix No Fee Policy


Most of our Apple iPhone repairs include warranty, which provides you long lasting and secure use of the device. It is highly recommended to check details of warranty offered on product page. Unlikely, it happens that repaired Apple iPhones break again within the period of warranty and in that case, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Moreover, no fix no fee policy is applied if we are unable to carry out the iPad mini screen repair and Apple iPhone repair UK. 


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MobileRepairs4U will come to your rescue to fix your iPhone. No matter where you’re located in the UK, our highly trained and experienced technicians will come to you to fix your device safely in your presence. The cost of the repair will be refunded and we will return the device.



Fix My iPhone

Mobile Repair

Whatever the problem with your Apple iPhone might be, we offer you complete repair solutions. Our skilled and experienced engineers are specialists in Apple iPhone repairs of any kind. Our high-quality and cheap iPhone screen repairs are based on an up-to-date technology and original parts which are tested before replacements. Warranty for each repair as well as no fix no fee policy are included in our complete service pack and this is how we gained the reputation of the best Apple iPhone repair service provider.

We repair all makes & models

Including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony, LG and more. Whatever make and model your phone or tablet is, our expert engineers can repair it. CONTACT US today for a quote.