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  • Cracked Screen
  • Liquid Damage
  • Power / Battery Issue
  • Speaker Problem
  • Microphone Faults
  • Signal / Wifi Issues
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BlackBerry Phone Repair

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BlackBerry Tablet Repair

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Our Mobile Repair Lab is equipped with up-to-date tools and technology. Our experienced and trained technicians will diagnose the correct fault before using Original / grade A parts to restore your back to full working order. We do all type of repairs including

Some of the most common repairs we do include:

  • screen repairs / screen replacements (repairing smashed/cracked screens and LCD display problems)
  • Charging port repairs
  • Broken button repairs/replacements (home, power, volume buttons)
  • Battery repairs/replacements
  • Sound repairs (earpiece, microphone, loudspeaker)
  • Battery repairs/replacements
  • Sound repairs (earpiece, microphone, loudspeaker)
  • Broken camera repairs

We repair all models of the Apple iPhone range. To book a repair, simply select your model above.

We offer 3 types of repair service:

Express while you wait – MobileRepairs4U is the UK’s favorite Walk in phone Repair Center. Where you can book appointment to get your repair done while you wait.

Walk in Repairs – MobileRepairs4U is the UK’s best Walk in phone Repair Company. Our expert iPhone repair technicians will repair the device or iPhone/iPad same day you will drop in.

Mail-in Repairs – For a more cost-effective iPhone repair option, you can also send your device to our Repair Center in London, where we will repair it within 24-48 hours and return it by next day insure courier. Most of our iPhone repairs come with a 12-months warranty, giving you complete peace of mind. To book a repair, simply select your model above, or for technical assistance, please contact our expert customer service team today on 0203 802 6949. MobileRepairs4U have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the UK on independent review site Trust Pilot.

Repair All Major Devices

Blackberry phones have had a resurgence of popularity in recent years.  These phones are modern in appearance and functionality but they are complex pieces of electronic equipment and they are susceptible to both hardware and software failures on occasion.  When this happens, it can be a stressful time for the owner, but our technicians at MobileRepairs4U are competent and able to repair these phones, reducing your stress levels and returning your phone to an ‘as new’ state.  The service offered by MobileRepairs4U for Blackberry Phone Repairs covers all models found in the Blackberry range.

How to order Blackberry Phone Repairs

MobileRepairs4U have made the process of getting Blackberry Phone Repairs scheduled as simple as possible.  You are presently reading our website so you are already half way there.   To finalize your appointment with us, follow these simple steps:

Select the model Blackberry that you have from our comprehensive list

Do you know what is wrong?  If so, then select one or more items from our extensive list of faults.  You will immediately know how much it will cost to rectify the fault.


If you do not know exactly what is wrong you can select our ‘Don’t Know the Fault’ indicated by the question mark (?) and leave the diagnosis to us.  In this case, there is no quoted price to repair the phone and our Customer Service Centre will advise you once the diagnosis is made.


Once your order is received and confirmed, we will call you and send you a confirmation e-mail along with a Postal Label link that you can use to send the handset to us, free of charge.


If you experience any difficulty using our on-line booking service, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services team on 0203 802 6949, (Monday to Friday between 09:00 AM and 05:00 PM), and they will assist you telephonically.  Our customers have rated this team as the best in terms of customer service within the UK, as measured by Trust Pilot. 


All Blackberry Phone Repairs are concluded within a 24 to 48 hour time period, dependent on the extent of the repair. 

What Blackberry Phone Repairs, do we carry out?

MobileRepairs4U offer three types of repairs:

- Walk-In Repair – If you are in London and can bring the faulty handset to our premises at Queens Court, 9-17 Eastern Road Romford, we will undertake the repair on the same day.  MobileRepairs4U have the reputation for being the UK’s favored walk-in repair center and have provided an exceptional, speedy service to thousands of satisfied customers.

- While you wait – For relatively minor repairs, you can schedule an appointment, bring the handset in to our premises and then wait whilst our professional technicians undertake the repair immediately.

- Mail-in Repairs – Those customers that live outside of London can still take advantage of our superior service by mailing their handset to us for repair. When you have placed your order, and paid the quoted amount (simply and securely done via our website), you will be sent an e-mail with a mailing label that you can use to send the handset, free of charge, via the Royal Mail to us.  This highly cost-effective means of getting your phone professionally repaired will take one to two days and the phone will be returned to you, fully functional again.

What Common Blackberry Phone Repairs, are carried out?

Common problems with Blackberry phones can be separated into five broad categories:

- Hardware Problems:  These are issues with the actual phone itself.  Here we cover issues such as cracked or broken screens, damage to the charging ports, damaged or stuck buttons, damage to the camera lenses or damage to the front and rear cases.   Hardware problems can also cover areas such as sound and volume problems stemming from the loudspeaker, microphone, earpieces or headphones, power issues with the battery packs, and control problems arising from touchscreen failures.

- Software Problems:  Software problems can be more complex to diagnose but include issues such as intermittent response after software upgrades or applications freezing and not responding to the touch screen.

- Network Connectivity: These problems revolve around the inability to connect to a Wi-Fi network or the handset losing service regularly or the handset constantly searching for service.

- SIM card Problems: Any failure on the part of the SIM card or error messages on the handset indicating the SIM card is faulty. 

- Liquid Contamination:  Many handsets are damaged by water and other liquids.  Should your handset be dunked in water or any other liquid, get it to our qualified and skilled technicians as soon as possible.  Some liquids, especially common fizzy drinks, can be corrosive to the delicate internal parts and the entire handset should be cleaned as quickly as possible.


Our skilled staff will repair any faults or malfunctions and undertake any Blackberry Phone Repairs in a competent and proficient manner.  If it is possible to repair the faulty component, our technical staff will carry out the repair but if the component has failed completely we will replace it with original/Grade A equipment manufacturer parts that have been pre-tested at our facility to ensure error-free use.  Your handset will be returned to you as good as new.

Blackberry Phone Repairs where I don’t know what is wrong?

Often the situation arises where you don’t know where the problem lies, as it is common for hardware and software faults to overlap one another.  If you are in this situation, MobileRepairs4U will provide you with a full diagnostic service.  From our fault selection screen you select the “Don’t Know the Fault” item and that will alert our professionally trained and skilled staff to run a series of diagnostic laboratory tests to determine where the problem lies.  Our fully equipped laboratory has all the necessary equipment to run these tests, and supply the customer with a quotation to repair, before the handset is repaired, using pre-tested parts, and restored to an as-new state.  

Warranty and No Fix No Fee Policy

Blackberry Phone Repairs undertaken by MobileRepairs4U are covered by warranty, giving you peace of mind that this company stands by its workmanship (Please check details of warranty offered on product page).  In the unlikely circumstance that repair fails within the 12-month period, it will be repaired free of charge.  If we are unable to repair the handset, our No Fix No Fee policy will apply and your handset will be returned to you and any repair charges already paid will be refunded in full.


Blackberry Phone Repairs undertaken by our workshop will provide a complete solution to any fault on your Blackberry handset.  Our modern laboratory is staffed by skilled technicians who will efficiently and effectively diagnose, repair and return your handset thus ensuring a minimum of disruption to your life.   MobileRepairs4U are recognized as a highly reputable workshop for all Blackberry Phone Repairs and with our warranty andNo Fix No Fee policy, you can be assured that our standards of workmanship are of the very highest quality.

We repair all makes & models

Including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony, LG and more. Whatever make and model your phone or tablet is, our expert engineers can repair it. CONTACT US today for a quote.