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iPhone 5c, 5s Battery Replacement - iPhone 5s Battery Repair

Battery draining is certainly one of the most frustrating issue for all smartphone users. Somehow, smartphone batteries just drain too quickly to digest leaving us frustrated in the middle of the day. Though, smartphone manufacturing companies are offering bigger batteries every day, still the issue seems to prevail for majority of people. So where’s the problem and how can we better manage our battery life? Most people think that mobile phone battery repair or replacement can help to enhance their battery timing. However, not always you need an iPhone battery repair or Samsung battery repair. Sometimes the solution lies in our own hands and not in getting your iPhone or Samsung mobile repaired.
Well, to put it in simplest relation we can say that battery drainage is directly related to number of applications we have installed. According to a Guardian reporter, uninstalling Facebook app save him about 20% battery life. Well, the estimate may be little exaggerated but it certainly gives an idea about the impact of apps in battery usage.

The question that might arises in minds of many people is that how these apps contribute to battery drainage?
Have you seen your mom or grandma ever complaining about battery issue? Most of our moms and grandmas can use their smartphone for 3 to 4 days on a single charge. This is because they aren’t using any apps on their devices and only using it for calling purpose.

Among the various reason behind apps draining our batteries, the more persistent are looking for signal (this include WIFI signals and cellular signals) and tracking us. Most of the free apps that we install in our smartphones are in constant search for WIFI signals to track our location and to send us instant updates. In fact, even if we aren’t using them they continue to backtrack us through WIFI signals and send all updates without our consent.
Studies conducted worldwide have shown that out of the many apps, social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and others are prime battery drainers. These apps continuously run in the background for update or tracking – consuming heck of battery life. They also track us to send us information regarding places near us like restaurants, hospitals etc.

You can track the battery use record for various apps though “Battery usage” tab that’s located inside the “Settings” tab of your smartphone. This can give you a fair bit of idea about apps that contributes most to battery drainage and if interestingly you will find social media apps topping the list most of the time.

Closing all unwanted or unused applications is one way to stop certain apps from continuous running. You can either swipe these apps upward or rightwards to close them in the background. Even though, many apps will still continue to consume battery even after their closure from background, still this will be much less as compared to consumption of background running apps.

Finally, a simple and most practical thing smartphone users can rely on is to uninstall any unwanted apps. If you search you will find many installed apps that haven’t been used for months and you just install them for limited time. These apps needs to be uninstalled right away so you can have a adequate battery timing.

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