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Battery Life Hacks – Save your Mobile Phone batteries with these easy and effective Battery Hacks!

From Key locks to Television’s remote control, batteries are present everywhere and in everything around us. Batteries basically are a life hack that just saves the day for us on many occasions. Same is the case with importance of batteries for mobile phones. We all love our mobiles and wish we could use them all day long without having to bother for battery recharge. However, no matter how large the battery is in our mobiles, we always feel threatened of going out of battery with continuous use. To put it simply, batteries makes the world go around us.
We might think that there is still a long way to go when it comes to technological enhancement for batteries production. However, the fact remains that batteries has come a long way in technological enhancement compared to its first use in 1800s.
Today, lithium-ion batteries are the preferred choice for almost all mobiles or other rechargeable applications like computers, tablets etc. Lithium-ion batteries are surely a great source of power generation with its minute memory effect, very little self-discharge, rich energy density and coupled that with its affordability. All these makes lithium-ion batteries a perfect fit for today’s high battery capacity demanding smartphones.

So, what we have got for you? Well, here at mobilerepairs4u we have been offering our customers with warrantied repairs of all smartphone batteries. Apart from repairing, we are also offering quick battery replacement services and have one of the biggest inventory of genuine batteries for all major brands and models. Our expert technicians are well versed with the reality of batteries and how to make them last longer.

First of all let us make it clear that rechargeable batteries in your mobile phones are only as good as the way you charge them or take care of them. If you just put your cell phone on charge while sleeping at night and it stays on charge for six to seven hours than your battery is doomed for sure. Here we will be giving some great tips that can help extend your battery life.

Tip 1:

Never get your battery completely discharged. To put it simply, the battery life is directly related to number of time it is discharged completely. This means that if you continue to let your battery discharge completely before charging it then you’ll be losing your battery life pretty fast.

The best way is to charge your battery regularly for small interval of time and never allows it to drain completely.

2. Tip 2:

Heat is the ultimate enemy of your mobile battery. Basically, your mobile phone battery life has strong association with its exposure to high temperatures. If you keep on heating your mobile then you got to be prepared to replace your battery pretty soon.

So, keep your mobile phone cool as much as possible and if you feel it is getting heated with extensive use wait until the temperature goes down.

3. Tip 3:

Never go for a bad charger! There are super cheap chargers available in market which might tempt you but remember these bad chargers will outperform your battery life and will reduce battery’s life significantly.
Try to go for only standard chargers – the best practice is to go for branded chargers for your device.

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