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Repairs Complete Repair Solutions Including

  • Cracked Screen
  • Liquid Damage
  • Power / Battery Issue
  • Speaker Problem
  • Microphone Faults
  • Signal / Wifi Issues
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Our Mobile Repair Lab is equipped with up-to-date tools and technology. Our experienced and trained technicians will diagnose the correct fault before using Original / grade A parts to restore your back to full working order. We do all type of repairs including

Some of the most common repairs we do include:

  • screen repairs / screen replacements (repairing smashed/cracked screens and LCD display problems)
  • Charging port repairs
  • Broken button repairs/replacements (home, power, volume buttons)
  • Battery repairs/replacements
  • Sound repairs (earpiece, microphone, loudspeaker)
  • Battery repairs/replacements
  • Sound repairs (earpiece, microphone, loudspeaker)
  • Broken camera repairs

We repair all models of the Apple iPhone range. To book a repair, simply select your model above.

We offer 3 types of repair service:

Express while you wait – MobileRepairs4U is the UK’s favorite Walk in phone Repair Center. Where you can book appointment to get your repair done while you wait.

Walk in Repairs – MobileRepairs4U is the UK’s best Walk in phone Repair Company. Our expert iPhone repair technicians will repair the device or iPhone/iPad same day you will drop in.

Mail-in Repairs – For a more cost-effective iPhone repair option, you can also send your device to our Repair Center in London, where we will repair it within 24-48 hours and return it by next day insure courier. Most of our iPhone repairs come with a 12-months warranty, giving you complete peace of mind. To book a repair, simply select your model above, or for technical assistance, please contact our expert customer service team today on 0203 802 6949. MobileRepairs4U have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the UK on independent review site Trust Pilot.

Repair All Major Devices

Samsung Phone and Tablet Repairs

Samsung is the third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world and Samsung Galaxy is since it’s debut in 2009 the flagship of Samsung Electronics. Until today more than 60 different Galaxy models dominated the market. The popularity of those devices demanded the evolution of Samsung phone repair services as well and this is what has been seriously implemented at MobilesRepairs4U. The diversity of Samsung Galaxy Series requires excellent understanding of Android system including fine updates of the whole range of Samsung mobiles. Our specialized and highly professional team of technicians provides a huge number of Samsung phone repairs to customers, using up-to-date equipment and original/Grade A part replacements.

Whether you are looking for Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 or S6 screen repair service, here at MobileRepairs4U, you would get the expedited service for repairing or any requirement for the parts replacement.

Ordering Samsung Phone Repairs 

Ordering Samsung phone repair comprises only two simple steps. After you selected the model of your Samsung Phone you can select the repair. If you are not sure what exactly does not function properly or what Samsung phone repair corresponds to the fault, you can rely on our Diagnose Service and book it for your device. Up-to-date tools and technology of our Mobile Repair Lab along with trained technicians guarantee the correct evaluation of the fault prior to the beginning of Samsung phone repair process.
In the case of any difficulties, our technical assistance remains at your disposal. You can contact MobileRepairs4U’s Technical Support on 0203 802 6949. Our expert customer service is one of the reasons why MobileRepairs4U has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the UK based on the research of independent review site Trust Pilot.

Types of Samsung Phone Repair Services 

At MobileRepairs4U, there are three types of Samsung mobile phone repair services available according to the personal preferences of customers:

1.- Express While You Wait – represents Walk in Phone Repair Centre, the place where you can book an appointment to get your repair done while you wait.
2.- Walk in Repairs – it means that our expert technicians will examine and repair Samsung phone same day you come by. MobileRepairs4U is considered the UK’s best Walk in phone Repair Company.
3.- Mail-in Repairs – on the other hand, are designed as a more cost-effective Samsung phone repair option. You can send your Samsung mobile phone to our Repair Centre in London, where we will repair it within 24-48 hours and return it by next day courier.

The Most Common Faults of Samsung Phone

Physical damages of Samsung Phones are not covered by warranty so they belong to the most common faults demanding professional Samsung phone repairs. Mostly they include:

1.- Broken screens replacement is one of the most often repairs. You can easily identify tiny cracks by tilting the device but hidden cracks are not visible without removing of the screen protector.
2.- USB port damage appears as the inability of your device to charge or connect to a computer. This fault is not covered by warranty as well so it is supposed for out-of-warranty repair or replacement.
3.- Samsung phones have a liquid damage indicator (LDI) to determine a water or other liquid contact. This useful tool is located inside the battery and also on the battery itself indicating potential serious issues such as overheating or preventing the battery from charging.

Further, very common Samsung mobile faults are broken buttons (home, power and volume buttons), battery and charging issues, sound faults (earpiece, microphone, loudspeaker) and broken camera.
Diagnosing the exact fault is a must at MobileRepairs4U before proceeding to adequate Samsung phone repairs. If the device is repairable only original pre-tested replacements will be used to restore the phone to previous full working order. The reinstation is implemented and supervised by highly skilled and experienced technicians. 

Warranty and No Fix No Fee Policy

Samsung phone repairs at MobileRepairs4U come with warranty (Please check details of warranty offered on product page). In the case of some unlikely event with the already repaired device within the warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced at no costs. Likewise, no fix, no fee policy guarantees that if we are not able to repair your Samsung mobile we will return it and completely refund the repair cost.
At MobileRepairs4U we are committed to Samsung galaxy s4, s5, s6 screen repair with the goal to provide you peace of mind, long lasting and secure use of the device covered by warranty. What we offer are complete and specialized Samsung phone diagnostic and repair solutions. For our skilled and experienced technicians, the complexity of some fault is a challenge to which they can respond shortly giving you the choice of three types of services and you can choose most appropriate option.High-quality and reliable Samsung phone repairs are based on an up-to-date technology and original/Grade A parts which are tested and verified by qualified technicians before replacements. Our reputation of the best Samsung phone repairs provider is proven by thousand of satisfied customers.

We repair all makes & models

Including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony, LG and more. Whatever make and model your phone or tablet is, our expert engineers can repair it. CONTACT US today for a quote.