Why should I have my phone repaired online instead of being repaired local?

Online company has skilled workers who are trained and who will be able to work on your device any time of the day, where there is customer care that you can contact whenever you have a problem..

What value added benefits I will get from your company instead of another company?

You will be able to book for your repairs online and your phone will be delivered to you after the repairs. Some of our repairs come with a warranty after the repairs.

Are you registered?

Yes, being a fully operative and responsible company, we have registered ourselves in England and Wales No:08141505

Do you have insurance?

As we believe in only the best customer experience, therefore, we are insured in every possible way.

Do you have a local address?

Yes, we have a local address. You can always visit us at Queens court 9-17 Eastern Road Romford RM1 3NH

Who can help me when I have a complaint?

In order to get your complaint registered with us, you can contact our Customer Support: support@ mobilerepairs4u.co.uk. Phone: 0203 802 6949 Physical office: Queens court 9-17 Eastern Road Romford RM1 3NH You can contact us anytime between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

What else can I send with the mobile device?

To get your mobile repaired, you only need to send your battery with the phone. We do not ask you to send your charger, headphones or similar things.

Who will pay for the postal charges if my phone is returned unrepaired?

In case we are unable to repair your phone, we will pay for the postal charges.

Will I lose the data in my mobile phone during the repairs?

We try our best that you do not lose your data, but it is imperative that you make a backup of your data before sending your phone to us. We will not be held responsible in case your data is lost while doing the repair.

How much do u give the warranty of the repair?

We offer one year warranty for specific fault repairs.