If my phone is faulty and still under warranty, who should fix it?


When should I consider my phone faulty?

When it is not working as it should, when it is completely off, when it falls into the water or when some of its features have stopped.

Do I get a warranty when my faulty phone is fixed?

Yes but it will depend on the services done.

How long a faulty mobile will be repaired?

it depends on the type of the repairs, but mostly it is only 48 hours.

Can I bring my mobile phone to explain the problem direct to the technician?

Yes, we offer walk-in service where you book for your service and you will find a technician waiting for you and he will repair your phone as you wait.

How do explain the problem with my device?

You only have to choose the type of the repairs you want done on your phone according to the problems it has, but if you are not sure of the services, you should ask for a diagnostic service.

What should I do if my faulty device cannot be repaired?

You will get back your device and the refund of your payment.

Can I know beforehand that my device has been fixed?

Yes, when the mobile device has been fixed, you will be told and when it is shipped, you will be told the tracking number.

Are there fault repairs that will not be counted under the warranty?


Should I send the faulty mobile with its accessories?

It is not always necessary but, it may be important to send them if the problems of the phone involve these accessories so that they can be assessed on their turn.