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12 Months Warranty

What are types of the repairs that you do?

As a mobile phone repair company We repair all type of mobiles phones and all type of faults including. Antenna Repairs Battery Repairs Charging Port Repairs Front Screen Repairs Front Camera Repairs Rear Camera Repairs Earpiece Repair Head Phone Socket Repair Home Button Repair Liquid Damage Repair Loudspeaker Repair Microphone Repair Mute Button Repair Power Button Repair Rear Cover Repair Sim Fault Repair Software Repair Vibration Repair Volume Repair Wifi Repair Diagnostic Service Volume Repair

What to expect after the repairs?

When your repairs are completed, your phone will be returned back to you and if we are not able to fix the problem we will refund the charges you paid to us

What if I am not happy with the repairs?

You can contact us and tell us why you are not happy, we can repeat the same procedure or refund your payment.

What process do I have to undergo to send and to receive my device?

You should start by registering on our website; choose the type of the device you want repaired and the repairs that have to be done. When you pay for the repair, you will get a confirmation email and the label that you can print out to put on the package for a postal free service.

What kind of devices do you repair?

We repair most brands of mobile phones and tablets

What should I do before I send the phone?

Make sure that you have backed up the data in your phone and you unlocked all the pins and password in the phone before you send it to us.

How long do I have to wait for my device?

It will depend on the type of the repairs needed to be done, and the availability of the spare parts. However, in normal cases, you should expect that the phone to be repaired in 48 hours after reaching us.

What happens if my phone cannot be repaired?

If your phone cannot be repaired, you get a refund of the payment you sent.

How long does it take to repair my device?

It takes 48 hours for a normal repair

What happens if I misdiagnose the problem of my device?

If you misdiagnosed the problem of your phone and you paid wrong charges, we will contact you for correction when the phone reaches us and we will advise you what to do from here.