How do I book for the repairs

You fill out the form available on our website.

What can I send in the postal office?

Your phone only but if you want, you can send it with the earphones and charger if the problem affects these also.

Why should I have my phone repaired through online repair shop and not a local one

You will not have to wait on a queue like in the local repair shop to have your phone repaired and the phone will be delivered on your door steps.

Which is cheaper, to send the phone or to take it to a local shop?

It is cheaper to have your mobile device repaired online.

What should I do while sending my phone?

Make sure that you put it in a protective package to avoid further damages.

Do you have a warranty for the services you offer?

We offer warranty for some services but not all service so you should check to see which services have warranty or not.

What happens if my phone gets lost in the postal office?

Our postal service is insured, it will get replaced to a certain amount provided.

How do I know what it is being done on my phone and where my phone is?

You will be getting the updates on where your phone is and what it is being done to repair it and you will be told when the repairs get complete.

Can I track my phone while coming or returning back to me?

Yes, when you get a tracking number from the post office when you send the phone to us and we will do the same while returning the phone to you.

Do I have to pay for the postal fee?

No we pay for the coming and returning postal fee for your device.