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12 Months Warranty

What should I do if I am not able to log in my account?

If you are not being able to enter into your account, then the browser may be affecting the way the system does work and or the way it operates. When you find these issues, you have to check the setting of your web browser is ok and that they are supported by our system.

What can I do when I am not able to place the order?

If you are not able to place the order, you should check if you have disabled the cookies in your browser. We need to use the cookies so that our website can work well. If you do not see the orders or anything else to do, then you should enable the cookies.

How do you use cookies?

The cookies are harmless features on your computer and browser. The website will store some information of the browser so that you may access to them when you choose to visit the website in the future.

Is there anything that will be affected by cookies on my computer?

Cookies are harmless and they will not affect your browser

I did enable the cookies on the websites but I am not able to access the website still?

There are cases where the security software you use is the one that disables the cookies and you will not be able to access some features when this happens.

Can I have the access to the website in the weekend or evening?

Yes, but the phones are only repaired during working days.

What are website cookies?

The cookies are small files and they are stored in the computer of the user. They can keep information about a certain website or a client and will be accessed on the client computer or on the web server.

I have tried all the suggestion given but I am still not able to place the order?

Contact the customer care.

I am not seeing the type of the phone or the type of the repairs I need?

Contact the customer care and explain your concern

What if I cannot access your website?

Use our phone number to call us