How much do I have to pay for the mobile phone repairs?

The fee that we charge depends on the fault. In order to learn more please go to our booking page, from there select your desired model and you will get all the pricing details regarding every particular fault.

When should I pay for the repairs?

You pay for the repairs beforehand, and if we cannot repair your phone, the payment will be refunded to you.

What it is included in the price I pay?

The repair you want and the postal fee that will be paid by our company

What happens to my payment if my phone cannot be repaired?

You get a refund of your payment

Do I have to pay extra for walk-in services?

No, unless you came for the service without booking.

Is it possible to be asked to pay more than the initial price?

Yes, if you misdiagnosed the problem of your mobile phone and there are extra repairs to be done on your phone, you will be asked to give the green light for these repairs to be done or not.

What payment methods should I use?

You can use credit or debit cards available in the country.

What services with a non refundable price?


How do I know that you received my payment?

You will get a confirmation email that the payment has reached.

Do I have to pay VAT for the repairs or it is covered in the price I pay?

The price we charge include VAT.